1 MLB Trade Deadline Mets Must Have Submitted

The New York Mets were far from dormant on the 2022 MLB trade deadline. They added three new bats and a crank, giving them a deeper roster as they look to claim the National League flag.

However, the Mets left much to be desired on the deadline. The quintet of Tyler Naquin, Daniel Vogelbach, Darren Rove, Michael Givens and Michael Perez is a solid lineup of players to add. But the Mets were in a position to do more than just “hard” ahead of the home season.

There have been a lot of rumors about what the Mets could do on the deadline. They were in the mix of Juan Soto before he went to San Diego Padres and were with a number of other guys like Wilson Contreras. In the end, they added a few new players but not much of a difference is expected. But they had the opportunity to add such a player.

1 MLB Trade Deadline Move the Mets Should Have Made

Trade for Andrew Chavin or Wilson Contreras

Choose which player the Mets should trade with. Either Andrew Chavin, or Detroit Tigers savior Wilson Contreras, loyalist of the Chicago Cubs, would be a great addition. While it would have been nice for the Mets to trade for both players, it could also cost them a lot of potential rentals. Chafin has a player option after this season while Contreras is set to access free agency.

Taking that risk twice would have been too much for the front desk. But taking one is a very reasonable expectation. Billy Ebler, Sandy Alderson, and the New York City front office chose not to. He was reportedly met It works from the PSTD website After the 2021 trading deadline move sent Pete Crowe-Armstrong to the Cubs for Javier Baez, who left at free agency in the last off-season, and Trevor Williams, who has a 3.38 ERA in 58.2 innings this season.

Crow-Armstrong is a very promising opportunity but he has yet to receive an AA grade. New York has another 100 best chances, including an outside player, to give them a future. Championship pursuits always require withdrawal risks. The Mets had two main needs in the trade deadline at the catcher and at the Bullpen. Neither area is seriously improved even though there are plenty of options.

The Mets’ catchers are among the worst hit group in the league. The St. Louis Cardinals are the only other team to have a 0.520 OPS from their catchers. Seeing such a pathetic production should have been a wake-up call to add someone like Contreras, who was so certain he would get circulated that he actually said goodbye to his current team and fan base.

Contreras is one of the season’s best masks on the plate. He has 15 home runs and an OPS of .833, both of which are among the best in his position. Giving such a wonderful New York crime bat would turn a very good unit into a great one.

However, the presence of Francisco Alvarez calms anxiety about not getting Contreras. The biggest prospect on MLB.com has been totally rolling around in AA ball, and now he’s taking it to the next level and could be called up to the major leagues to start next season. However, the presence of Contreras will undoubtedly prevent Alvarez. The veteran can move to the designated hit point while taking Alvarez’s vacation days behind the plate. Too many good fishermen is undoubtedly a better problem than not having enough, which is where New York is now.

Meanwhile, the Mets could have really used a left-handed relief jug. Adding Givens is decent, but New York could have used a better, left-handed person to balance their palliatives. Shaven checks the boxes. With a 2.38 ERA, 2.14 FIP, 41 strikes and 34.0 innings this season, he would have been a very strong addition to the Big Apple Bullpen.

The barn of bulls in the Mets is not very deep. Edwin Diaz’s brilliance is doing a lot of the heavy lifting and the team’s strong starting spin (now backed by the return of Jacob Degrom) should allow them to pass without the need for elite leadership. New York, though, is a far cry from that address.

Trying to justify that neither Chavin nor Contreras are renters is certainly just a long round of “what if?” Game. Even if none of the players had the intention of re-signing, none of the trade was worth it to give the Mets a better chance at the World Championship. The teams in their positions don’t have work to play with more securely, especially with the key players (Digrum and Max Scherzer) who are in the final years of their careers.

At the time of Baez/Williams’ trading last year, New York was 55-48, which was the fifth-best record in the National League. Their record before this year’s commercial deadline was nearly 10 games better and he is the second best player in the league. The Mets missed a huge opportunity to get much better in the MLB trade deadline rather than just a gradual improvement in a season with legitimate title aspirations.

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