10 Forgotten Gadgets From the 90s That Kids Will Not Recognize Today

10 Forgotten Gadgets From the 90s That Kids Will Not Recognize Today

Thanks to TikTok and Instagram Reels, kids today are looking at their parents’ clothes, toys and “old” gadgets to see what life was like for them in the ’90s and sharing their findings online. For kids of the ’90s, it was fun to be reminded of yesterday, but it’s also interesting that those gadgets that were once loved are now obsolete.

The ’90s was a colorful time for kids as everyone carried Lisa Frank backpacks to school and when they became teenagers they were interested in sapphires and Palm Pilots to connect with their friends and loved ones. However, the world of technology has changed drastically over the years, and kids today will not recognize some of the items that kids of the 90s were obsessed with during that time.

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Nokia 8210

The Nokia 8210 was one of the most popular mobile phones of the 1990s. At this time in technology, most phones didn’t have the ability to surf the internet, download apps, share directions…etc…

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Compared to phones before the 8210 (which came out in 1999, according to WhatMobile), this version was smaller and came in cool colors instead of black. All the popular characters in the comics in the 90s had the Nokia 8210. Now that kids today have two phone options (Apple or Android), they will never realize the popularity of the Nokia 8210.

Palm pilots

Cnet notes that the first PalmPilot was released in 1996, giving adults and business people a new way to connect with people instead of in person or over the phone. In essence, PalmPilot did things a computer could do but in the hands of a person.

It was a smartphone before the advent of smartphones. PalmPilots can check emails, work on documents, render games… PalmPilots is also equipped with a writing tool that works only on the PalmPilot screen that users loved. An entrepreneur sticking with the PalmPilot was a constant cliché in ’90s movies, but now he missed that smartphones kicked PalmPilots to the curb.

I-Zone Pocket Camera

In the 1990s, disposable and expensive professional cameras were the only way to take pictures. It wasn’t until the 2000s that cell phones had cameras attached to them. There was also a Game Boys adaptation that allowed users to take pictures, which was a huge deal.

However, in 1999, the disposable camera became a hit with the I-Zone Pocket Camera. Instead of developing film, the camera printed Polaroid photos on the spot. The pictures were small (1.5 x 1), which teens loved because they could fit these little pictures in lockers, magazines, and purses. Since phones have cameras attached to them in 2023, it’s rare that they know how to use the I-Zone Pocket Camera.

yak buck

Yak Baks were used on some forgotten shows from the ’90s but must be rewatched to remind you how awesome they are. Aimed at children, Yak Bak is a game that was released in 1994, according to YouTube’s Industrial Industries World Radio.

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Yak Bak was a palm-sized voice recording toy, which seemed simple, but it irritated the kids. Kids can record up to six seconds and play back their recordings to prove it. They were later improved to add sounds and music to the recordings, which only made kids want these devices more. Kids today are overstimulated and won’t appreciate the simple genius of Yak Pak.


ThoughtCo. He explained that pagers (also known as pagers) appeared in the early 1920s, but did not become popular or useful until the late 1980s and early 1990s. The whistle is a forgotten instrument from the ’80s and ’90s that deserves some respect. Before cell phones were common, adults had whistles that cling to their belt loops or pockets.

To call someone with an alarm device, the person may use their landline phone (or email) to call the relay number. When the message is sent, the beeper will sound and flash the person’s phone number, email or code – urging the bearer to call that person. This was the closest thing ’90s kids could get from texting.

hit clips

There are a few modern movies with a 90’s vibe, but they wouldn’t be completely original without Hit Clip. Hit Clips created by Tiger Electronics is a palm-sized digital audio player that plays 60 second clips of popular songs (not full songs).

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The speaker was attached to strings where users could clip their own mini CDs, so they could play a range of clips whenever they wanted. Back then, ’90s kids didn’t care that it wasn’t the full song, but kids today won’t understand the hype around just 60 seconds of playing.

SEGA game gear

Gamers today will likely have heard of Sega, but have they heard of Game Gear? The portable mini-game console appeared in the 1990s and was an immediate competitor to Nintendo’s handheld consoles.

What made Game Gear amazing in the ’90s was that the screen was colored rather than the generic black or white (or green and white) and was a bit larger than Nintendo’s Game Boy. The Game Gear came with criticism despite its long form factor and short battery life. But for a while, Sega Game Gear dominated gameplay.

sony desman

After the success of Sony’s Walkmans, the company released Discman. In the ’90s, cassettes were still widely listened to, but CDs became the future, which is where Discman came in.

The Discman was bigger than the Walkman, but it was the cool new gadget that kids of the ’90s wanted. Today’s kids will never understand the importance of Discman because they have their music on their phones or through apps. However, in 1999, Discman took off when pop stars like Mandy Moore performed while carrying Discman in their music videos.


The late 1990s and early 2000s were the time when robots were openly talked about, turning into robot toys for kids. Sony’s AIBO was the precursor to the robot dog. The AIBO series has changed its dogs over the years, but back in the ’90s it was a thick, metallic looking dog that could sit, walk, and growl when commanded.

The robot dog wasn’t cheap, which made it more popular for kids who not only wanted a robot, but also a dog. A game like this should hit Netflix The games that made us because of its popularity.

floppy disks

Kids today will see a floppy disk and say it looks like a save icon on most of their electronic devices, which is ironic because that’s exactly what a floppy disk did before computers could save things themselves.

IBM noticed that the first floppy disk appeared in the 70s, but by the 90s – they were everywhere. It was even needed for school assignments. Floppy disks were used to save and back up files long before USB devices were used. At the time, floppy disks were tech products that teens loved, but these days they are a thing of the past.

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