14 players receive a qualifying bid

14 players receive a qualifying bid

It’s time for teams to extend the eligible offer (one-year deal, $19.65 million for 2023) to their free agents. Fourteen players received QO. They have until November 15 at 4 p.m. ET to accept or decline.

Players who accept eligible offers with their teams for the following season are signed at the specified value. Those who do not accept remain free agents, and if a new team signs them, their old team receives draft pick compensation. From the time the system was implemented in 2012, only 11 of the 110 players with a QO have approved it.

Brave: SS Dansby Swanson
A first-choice overall in 2015, Swanson has grown into one of the best overall short stops in baseball, outselling 52 over the past two seasons and leading his position with 21 points above average in 2022. His 5.7 bWAR placed him in Third place among the short stopping points behind Tommy Adman and Xander Bogart last season.

Cubs: c Wilson Contreras
The Rebuild Cubs were expected to move Contreras before the 2022 trade deadline, but they surprisingly held on to it. The 30-year-old is a free agent after seven seasons with Chicago, during which he hit 0.256 with 117 headers and 808 OPS. He finished 2022 with a score of 22 OPS+ and 128 OPS+.

Dodgers: LHP Tyler Anderson
Anderson’s $8 million deal with the Dodgers last March was his third consecutive one-year contract (each with a different team) at a free agency. However, the left-handed’s value is significantly higher after the outbreak of the 2022 season, which saw him post a 2.57 ERA, 1.00 WHIP and 4.06 K/BB in 178 2/3 innings.

Dodgers: SS Tria Turner
Not only is Turner one of the fastest players in baseball, but he’s also a solid hitter, winning the batting title in 2021 and posting .311/.361/.509 slashes (131 OPS+) since the start of 2019. Only nine players are in position across Majors has been more bWAR than Turner (11.2) in the last two years.

giants Jock Pederson
Free agent for the second time in a row this holiday season, Pederson’s first year in San Francisco saw him earn his second All-Star Game pick and record the best 144 OPS+ of his career. The 0.521 idling was a roughly 100-point improvement over the 2021 season, which was split between the Cubs and Braves. The Left Bazaar is heading into a 31-year-old season.

Giants: LHP Carlos Rodon
The White Sox chose not to make a qualifying bid for Rodón when he became a free agent in the latest season. The left-handed became a free agent when he opted to withdraw from last year on his two-year, $44 million contract with the Giants. Rodon has dealt with constant injuries and was inconsistent before 2021, but he’s played like an ace for the past two seasons, posting a 2.67 ERA and 12.2k/9 over 55 starts.

Mets: RHP Chris Bassett
Bassett is a late free agent for the first time at age 33. Having thrown just 191 1/3 innings during his 29-year-old season, the right-hander has posted a 3.31 ERA, 1.13 WHIP and 3.43 K/BB ratio over 546 innings since the start 2019. He hit his career high 30 times and had a 3.42 ERA in 2022 after trading from the A’s to the Mets in March.

Mets: RHP Jacob Degrom
One of the most dominant kickers in the game when he was healthy, DeGrom first became a free agent when he opted to opt out of the last year remaining in a five-year, $137.5 million deal with the Mets. The 34-year-old has struggled with injuries in recent years, but has twice won Cy Young with a career of 2.52 ERA and 5.30 K/BB.

Mets: OF Brandon Nemo
Nimmo finished 2022 with .274/.367/.433 slash, 16 Homers, scored 102 points and 5.0 bWAR over a career level 151 appearances, marking only the second time in seven seasons (including the abridged 2020 season) that he reached It has played 100 matches. Having proven to be a capable midfield defender as well as a disciplined hitter with some pop, Nimmo could capitalize on a weak central market in free agency.

Rangers: LHP Martin Perez
A free agent for the fifth consecutive season, Perez could see greater demand for his services after hitting a 2.89 ERA over 196 1/3 innings for Rangers in 2022. The veteran left-back, who signed on a one-year, $4 million contract with the Texans in March Last, he had a 4.71 ERA for the Rangers, Twins and Red Sox teams during his first 10 seasons.

Red Sox: SS Xander Bogarts
Bogarts had three years left on his six-year $120 million deal with the Red Sox, but he chose to become a free agent. The four-time All-Star has ranked third among the short stops behind Carlos Correa and Francisco Lindor with 33.7 bWAR since the start of 2015.

Red Sox: RHP Nathan Evaldi
Entering his twelfth MLB season, Eovaldi has just finished his four-year, $68 million contract with the Red Sox. After struggling in 2019, the right-hander posted a 3.79 ERA with a 5.65 k/bb ratio over 61 starts in the past three seasons. He made his All-Star debut in 2021 and finished fourth in the AL Cy Young award vote at the end of the year.

Yankees: OF Aaron Judge
Judge’s final year before free agency was a year one all-time, as the 6-foot-7 slugger scored an AL record with 62 homers while leading the MLB in RBIs (131), runs (133), OPS (1.111) and bWAR (10.6). Since his rookie season in 2017, Judge has racked up 28 bowls more than anyone else. He’s also an above-average defender on the right field and has shown his ability to tackle midfield on a consistent basis in 2022.

Yankees: 1 b Anthony Rizzo
Having been dealt from the Cubs to the Yankees at the 2021 trade deadline, Rizzo was ineligible to receive a qualifying offer when he reached free agency last season. The first major man became a free agent once again when he opted to opt out of the final year of his two-year, $32 million contract with New York. The 33-year-old improved his value with 32 home games and 131 OPS + over 130 games in 2022.

Notable Players Who Have Not Received QO

Not eligible for eligible offer

Not every free agent can get QO. Players who previously earned a QO are ineligible, which means that the following free agents are not eligible for one:

Jose Abreu (White Sox), Brandon Pelt (Giants), Carlos Correa (twins), Nelson Cruz (Nationals), Zach Greinke (Royals), Kenley Jansen (Braves), Craig Kimbrel (Dodgers), AJ Bullock (White Sox) David Robertson (Pheles), Carlos Santana (Marines), Will Smith (Astros), Noah Syndergaard (Peles), Justin Verlander (Astros)

Players who have not been with an organization on an ongoing basis, either minors or majors, from opening day through the end of the regular season are also ineligible. Notable free agents in this category include:

Elvis Andros (White Sox), Josh Bell (Padres), Andrew Benintende (Yankees), Brandon Drury (Padres), Joey Gallo (Dodgers), Tre Mancini (Atros), David Peralta (Rice), Tommy Pham (Red Sox), Jose Quintana (Cardinals), Taylor Rogers (Brewers), Christian Vazquez (Astros)

Compensation for the loss of players who refused QO

• If a team makes a qualifying bid for a player signing elsewhere, the club that lost the player is eligible for draft selection compensation. The QO rules state that if the team that loses the free agent is a recipient of revenue sharing, based on its revenue and market size, the choice will be – if and only if the losing player signs for at least $50 million – to give a choice between the first round and the competitive balance round A of the draft MLB 2022. If the player signs for less than $50 million, the compensation selection for these teams will come after the second round of competitive equilibrium, which follows the second round.

The following 14 teams are currently eligible for these selections: Athletics, Brewers, Linebackers D, Guardians, Mariners, Marlins, Orioles, Pirates, Rays, Reds, Rockies, Royals, Tigers and Twins.

• If the team that loses the player does not receive revenue sharing and does not exceed the previous season’s luxury tax salary threshold, their compensatory selection will come after Round B of the competitive balance. The value of the player’s contract does not matter in this case.

The 10 teams in this category are: Angels, Astros, Blue Jays, Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Giants, Nationals, Rangers and White Sox.

• If the team that lost the player exceeds the luxury tax limit, compensation will be chosen after the fourth round is completed (as in the previous scenario, it does not matter how much the player signed).

Six clubs crossed the threshold in 2022: Dodgers, Mets, Padres, Phillies, Red Sox and Yankees

Penalties for contracting players who refuse QO

Any team that signs a player who has declined a qualifying offer is subject to forfeiting one or more draft picks. However, the team’s highest first-round pick is exempt from forfeiture. Three levels of draft pick forfeiture have been established – based on the signing team’s financial position – as a penalty for signing for a player who has rejected an eligible offer:

• The team that exceeded the luxury tax the previous season will lose its second and fifth highest picks in the following year’s draft, plus $1 million in total international bonuses for the upcoming signing period. If such a team signs up to many eligible offer agents for free, it will also lose its remaining and sixth-highest picks.

Teams in this off-season group: Dodgers, Mets, Padres, Phillies, Red Sox, Yankees

• The team that receives revenue-sharing money will lose its third-highest pick in the following year’s draft. If you score two of these players, you will also lose the fourth highest remaining pick.

Teams in this group: Athletics, Brewers, Linebackers D, Guardians, Sailors, Marlins, Orioles, Pirates, Rays, Reds, Rockies, Royals, Tigers and Twins.

• All other teams will lose their second-highest pick in the following year’s draft, as well as $500,000 in total international bonuses for the upcoming signing period. If one of these teams signs two of these players, they will also forfeit the third-highest remaining pick and an additional $500,000.

Teams in this group: Angels, Astros, Blue Jays, Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Giants, Citizens, Rangers and White Sox.

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