2022 MLB trade deadline: Who thinks Hunter Pence should target the Giants

How Pence thinks the Giants should approach the trade deadline that originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Buyers? sellers? somewhere in between? What the Giants will do before the August 2 MLB trading deadline is not yet clear.

The 2022 season in San Francisco has certainly been a disappointment and they have many assets that can bring them exciting young prospects. On the flip side, the Giants are just four games behind the Philadelphia Phillies for the third and final NL Wild Card slot ahead of Monday night’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Former Giants player Hunter Pence joins 95.7 Mark Willard and Joe Shasky of The Game on the “Garlic Fries and Baseball Guys” podcast, where he discusses why San Francisco hasn’t traded Carlos Rodon and how they should attack the upcoming deadline.

“When you trade with Rodon, it has a ripple effect, a message,” Pence said. “No matter what you get it helps right now, you’re not going to win a world series. We’re the San Francisco Giants, we’re a great organization, we have a strong fan base and we have Carlos Rodon and Logan Webb, who you can get into the playoffs and be our number one, that’s It’s our number two, come get some. You trade Rodon, you lose that. I don’t care who you get, don’t do this buy/sell something. I’m really excited about this. And by the way, we’re out of three matches, whatever the case, no You get chances to run after the season, you have number one and number two like that often. And the Giants can win every year, and we have the support to do that. For me, you add to this team. We lose single-run games, we play a little bit of Bad defense, these are the things that can be fixed.”

Pence believes that by being deadline buyers, the giants can instill confidence in a list that hasn’t had many reasons to be confident in recent weeks. There’s one name in particular that Pence thinks could be a good fit for San Francisco.

“These players aren’t bots, and they’re not just going to be their stats,” Pence explained. “You ripple and inspire them all when you buy and you have faith and you’re like ‘Guess what, we’re coming to win this year,’ because the chance to get to the playoffs with [Carlos] Rodón, Logan Webb, bullpen… Add one or two small arms, add a good cannon, and get Joey Gallo, who would really fit in here and you wouldn’t have to give up the farm for him. He’s going to do a lot of things, he’s going to play crazy defense, he’s got one of the strongest arms and he’s helping the stadium staff and sending a message to these players and the city, ‘Hey, we’re coming to burn it, because that’s what we do and we have the team to do it.

The biggest name available before the deadline is Washington superstar Juan Soto, who the giants have reportedly expressed some level of interest in, but likely not one serious contender to make a move for at this point. San Francisco will pay a premium, which Pence doesn’t think is necessary. Instead, the two-time world champion believes his former team needs to make goal-changing moves and clean up a shaky stadium defense.

“You don’t sell the farm for Juan Soto,” Pence added. “What you do is find a way to find some bull arms to support this bull, especially the left wheel that comes in this veteran warrior and that can generate more confidence in the arms of the other little bulls like ‘I came out of the left.’ Go get another left and may You have to give up one possibility that is a mediocre major league or maybe a bigger player than the league.Don’t give up on your teammates (your prospects) because that would be if you do something Juan Soto.You can get loyal, you may have to give a little farm, But we can choose that in free agency. Go out and get another racket, outside defense, and left field defense stitching.”

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As a former deadline acquisition, Pence knows exactly what kind of boost a trade can provide to a team vying for a place in the playoffs. Pence introduced himself as a spark who played a big role in the 2012 and 2014 San Francisco Championships and believes a similar move could launch the team this year.

Will the Giants make another hunter-style move or will they sell valuable assets and return items for the upcoming season? We’ll find out in less than 24 hours.

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