2022 NFL Draft: Damon Pierce of Texas, Tarek Woolen of the Seahawks among top 10 value picks at midstream

2022 NFL Draft: Damon Pierce of Texas, Tarek Woolen of the Seahawks among top 10 value picks at midstream

The opinions leading up to the NFL Draft are a dime a dozen but the destination and attitude play a big part in how the player is viewed in the short and long term. Dylan Parham’s third-round pick for the Raiders doesn’t mean he’d be a better player than the Eagles’ third-round pick Cam Jurgens, who backs Jason Kelsey. Would Romeo Dobbs’ fourth-round pick for Packers players be as productive as if he were playing with a lesser-known midfielder? Halfway through the season, CBSSports.com is exploring some of the best value additions from the 2022 NFL Draft. One qualification is that every player must be drafted on day three or later into one.

Before starting, there was reason to discuss with some other players. Tough end for the Giants Daniel Bellinger was playing well before suffering an eye injury. Wasted time is the reason for his exclusion. Gates edge accelerator Michael Clemons has played his part as part of this spin. He’ll be a name to watch during the second half of the season.

Drafted: Round 5, Issue 153 overall

Full disclosure, Wolin is a player that I missed – as most of the NFL apparently did – during the pre-draft process. He’s an athletically gifted player, but tall, high cornerbacks often face higher odds of success. He overcame those odds and is second in the NFL with four interceptions.

The Seahawks were the only team I didn’t include as the “most questionable pick” after the draft because General Manager John Schneider did a great job adding value. Seattle has a 6-3 record and tops the NFC West because of the talented junior class.

Drafted: Round 4, Issue 107 overall

Pierce has been a bit slow this season but last weekend against Philadelphia was his best performance. He showed good vision, patience and the ability to quickly change direction to exploit a very talented defensive front. His stocks have come a long way since Houston passed Rex Burkhead as the first week lead. It also makes Florida’s decision to give him just 9.2 touches per game last season even more confusing. It should be an essential part of the rebuilding process for Texans that has been accelerated by two first-round picks as part of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Pierce pushes forward the narrative that running in the 220-pound range has the most success in the NFL.

Formatted: Not Formatted

Kuhu is the only player on the roster that I haven’t studied as part of the draft but that doesn’t make his accomplishments any less impressive. He showed versatility playing on the border and in the hole where the team needed him. Kohou has 14 forced shorts, according to TruMedia, and she allowed 279 yards. You have made his most important contributions to space. There is a pandemic of poor secondary intervention but Kohou has shown a willingness to play plays in the apartment. The five interventions he missed are Xavian Howard, Patrick Sertin II, Marlon Humphrey and others.

Drafted: 5th round, number 168 overall

Jones is defeated only 3.7% of the time, according to TruMedia, which ranks 80th among all players with at least 200 shots to block passes. Sure, the offensive scheme helps mask some of his shortcomings, but Jones did a good job of sealing off running lanes and blocking space. It’s tough for offensive linemen to move into the NFL, and Chicago may have found a long-term start in the fifth round; A common occurrence in Green Bay, which had appointed offensive coordinator from 2019-2021.

Drafted: Round 4, Issue 121 overall

Jones is the highest ranked cornerback in the PFF with a score of 86.9. As a former 5-star recruit, he signed with USC out of high school, played as a real freshman and started as a sophomore. Issues outside the field led him to transfer to Junior College and eventually Arizona State.

Bill Belichick has a history of finding minor contributors on the second day of the NFL Draft and beyond. Jones is his latest discovery. He’s already proven to be a playmaker with two objections, one forced stumble and one recovering. His speed and sporting life have always been the speed of a fine talent.

Drafted: Round 6, Issue 195 overall

Salyer was featured as an inside player who led to the draft but did well when called up on the left tackle. When news broke of Rashawn Slater’s exit for the season, most considered it the end of the Los Angeles season. The former Georgia Bulldog was a pleasant surprise as he secured a long-term role in this offensive line. When the Slater returns, the Salyer could theoretically be the correct long-range tackle or slither inside as originally intended.

7. QB Bailey Zappe, New England Patriots

Drafted: Round 4, Issue 137 overall

Zappe played in four games for the Patriots. He did well in about three and a quarter games. His inclusion on this list is almost strictly topical. It’s hard to find a quality quarterback and it looks like New England landed a backup, if nothing else, on day three. Western Kentucky producer, via Houston Baptiste, completed 70.7% of his passes for 781 yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions.

Drafted: Round 4, Issue 139 overall

Mark Andrews of Baltimore will swallow up targets like black holes, so there isn’t much chance for other narrow ends on the list to make a statistical impact. Andrews leads the team with 42 receptions and is likely to have 17 of 23 receptions to other tight ends. Andrews missed Monday night’s win over the Saints and likely earned his second touchdown in as many games. Baltimore loves to line up the field and use it as a hedge, as well as igniting it in a passing game.

9. WR Romeo Dobbs, Green Bay Packers

Drafted: Round 4, Issue 132 overall

The Doubs were theoretically supported by Aaron Rodgers in the middle, but he was well liked early in the season to many. Doubs was more productive than the team’s second-round pick, Christian Watson, and some returning players. However, he is not without blame. Rodgers threw Doubs and others under the bus by saying the team makes a lot of mental mistakes and some shouldn’t play as a result. It can be a motivational tactic but the tone is different from the season when Rodgers urged everyone to relax. With that said, Doubs and others will likely be put higher due to the quarterback and team window slowly closing.

10. OL Zack Tom, Green Bay Packers

Drafted: Round 4, Issue 140 overall

Tom ranked 79th overall on my personal draft board. He has served as a valuable rotation player for the Green Bay offensive line. Swing is a phrase commonly used to refer to a reserve capable of playing both left and right tackle. Tom is the companion player who has played picks on left tackle, left goalkeeper and right goalkeeper this season. Only one sack was allowed out of 195 shots played. It’s not clear where he fits into the long run but every team in the league would like to have a player like Tom and the Packers found him in the fourth round.

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