2023 Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress Predictions

We’ll be updating all of the Oscar predictions throughout the season, so keep checking IndieWire for the latest news from the 2023 Oscars race. The nomination voting round will run from January 12 to January 17, 2023, with the official Oscar nominations announced January 24, 2023. The final voting will take place between March 2-7, 2023. Finally, the 95th Academy Awards will be broadcast. Sunday, March 12th and airs live on ABC at 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT.

Awards, Television and Film Editor Marcus Jones is currently filling in Anne Thompson in his Oscar predictions updates. Watch her initial thoughts on what to expect at the 95th Academy Awards here.

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The Best Supporting Actress race just saw the biggest sea change of any acting race this year with Sarah Polley’s “Women Talking” premiere in Telluride. The drama dubbed “12 Angry Women” has shows that could fill all five races for Best Supporting Actress. That would never happen given class competition – but it really seems like the only question now is whether momentum will dip to Claire Foy, who plays the fiercely protective mother in the group of women deciding whether or not to leave a Mennonite colony filled with sexual predators from The male, or Jesse Buckley, who plays the role of the perceived opponent of the legal assembly.

Rooney Mara is excellent on film as well, but he would likely be pushed to Best Actress if the entire cast didn’t decide to go into the supporting categories. (When Spotlight, a mostly male band, submitted their entire cast in the supporting categories, only Mark Ruffalo was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.)

Also from Venice and Telluride were the premieres of “TÁR” and “The Banshees of Inisherin”. The first, an epic two-hour, 38-minute drama about a leading composer, placed Nina Hoss—the devoted wife of genius Blanchett—as a front-runner for Best Supporting Actress. Although not well known in the United States, German stars “Phoenix” and “Barbara” have a passionate cult with international movie fans. “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” Noémie Merlant might be best for this category as well, as Lydia Tarr’s ambitious assistant, depending on how enthusiastic the “TÁR” response becomes when it becomes extensive. The last, “The Banshees of Inisherin,” was played by Keri Condon as a daring writer sister who takes an interest in the character of Colin Farrell. After the film’s 13-minute applause in Venice, many specifically referred to the Irish actress as an Oscar-worthy contender.

Bardo: A False Record of a Handful of Facts (2022).  (LR) Daniel Jimenez Cacho as Silverio and Jimena Lamadrid as Camila.  Credit: © Limbo Films, S. De RL de C.

Bardo: A False Record of a Handful of Facts (2022). (LR) Daniel Jimenez Cacho as Silverio and Jimena Lamadrid as Camila. Credit: © Limbo Films, S. De RL de C.

© Limbo Films, S. De RL de C.

It also has to be said that there were plenty of fans of Anne Hathaway’s work in “Armageddon Time” and Ximena Lamadrid’s work in Telluride’s “Bardo” – both clearly improving on their own films – but not enough screen time to really find out why they won Best Actress Help out as other contenders do.

There’s still plenty to see, from Michelle Williams in “The Fabelmans,” to the women of “She Said,” but Best Supporting Actress nominee Jamie Lee Curtis still stands tall for “Everything Everywhere at once.” .”

The contenders are listed in alphabetical order below. No actor will be considered a lead candidate until we see the movie.

Jesse Buckley (“Women Talking”)
Keri Condon (“The Banshees of Inisherin”)
Jamie Lee Curtis (“Everything Everywhere at Once”)
Clary Foy (“Women Talking”)
Nina Hoss (“TÁR”)

Patricia Clarkson (“She Said”)
Laura Dern (“The Son”)
Anne Hathaway (“The Time of Armageddon”)
Stephanie Hsu (“Everything Everywhere at Once”)
Vanessa Kirby (“The Son”)
Ximena Lamadrid (“Bardo”)
Rooney Mara (“Women Talking”)
Sheila McCarthy (“Women Talking”)
Noémie Merlant (“TÁR”)
Michelle Williams (“The Fabelmans”)

long shots:
Gillian Anderson (“The Pale Blue Eye”)
Hong Zhao (“whale”)
Zoe Kravitz (“Batman”)
Lashana Lynch (“The Woman King”)
Samantha Morton (“She Said,” “Whale”)
Julian Nicholson (“Blonde”)
Zoe Saldana (“Amsterdam”, “Avatar: The Way of Water”)
Griselda Sicilani (“Bardo”)
Jan Smart (“Babylon”)
Kristen Stewart (“Future Crimes”)
Anya Taylor-Joy (“Amsterdam”, “The List”)
Olivia Wilde (“Babylon”)
Kate Winslet (“Avatar: The Way of Water”)

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