A female lawyer struggles for four years to secure justice for the murdered woman

A female lawyer struggles for four years to secure justice for the murdered woman

Perhaps forgotten by her family, friends and relatives who may have lost her since 2018 when she was horribly murdered by a Lucky Goodwin inside a hotel now paying for the crime, this woman whose identity has yet to be confirmed and who still lies in the morgue may be very glad that justice has been secured. her last. The woman and a two-year-old girl from Enugu were brought to the Crown Garden Hotel, Abakaliki where she was murdered by Godwin and the child was stolen and sold by the convict who was sentenced to death by hanging for the crime.

bloody knife

Goodwin killed the woman with a knife given to him by the hotel man, on Monday Onwe who allegedly collected N30,000 to help Godwin in the act. Her baby was sold to Mummy Sharon in Akukabe-ichi, River State, who was in jail for the matter. Goodwin and Sharon’s mummy work in the business of stealing and selling children after killing their mothers. However, the woman’s decomposing body was found days after the murder. After stabbing the unidentified woman to death, Godwin also attempted to kill a heavily pregnant woman, identified as Chisum Ojo by stabbing her in the bushes behind the Girls’ High School, Azweikowo in Abakaliki, and also stole her two-year-old child.


The incident occurred on November 6, 2018. Chisom Ojo was found in a coma in a forest behind Azweikou Girls’ High School near the Crown Garden Hotel where he stabbed the other woman to death. Ugo was stabbed in the neck, stomach and back and she was bleeding profusely. However, she was rescued by the policemen and urgently taken to Abakaleke Federal Teaching Hospital, after the alarm was given by a woman who went to the farm in the area and saw Chisum lying half dead beside a bush. The police begin to investigate and Lucky Goodwin is arrested. The security agency almost handled the matter with gloves, but it was an attorney at the state Department of Justice, Mrs. Ijuma Aganochukwu who vowed that justice should prevail in the matter.


Ajanwachukwu, a Principal Councilor of State, filed a case on the matter in 2018 and the case continued in court until this month when it was concluded and Lucky Godwin was sentenced to death by hanging. The trial judge, Judge Ihinkur Cheema, issued his ruling on the matter and condemned the crime.

Ajanwachukwu, praised the referee.

She said: “Like the court, he said the truth for an eye for an eye.” According to the verdict of the court, he will be executed to pay for his actions. He needs to pay with his life because he took the life of that young woman. “The child of the deceased and the child of Chisom Ogwu, including the son of the accused, who sold him in Ishi Local Government Area of ​​Rivers State, were recovered.

“The second defendant was released in accordance with the law, as soon as there was an element of doubt ending in favor of the defendant.” Yes, Lucky said the second defendant (Monday Onui) was the person who helped him according to his statement to the police, but he denied this in court, saying he was He only sees it for the first time. The incident occurred in 2018 and we provided information in 2019. The case has been going on for three years. She said, “We need to be careful who we move with, like this deceased woman that no one can identify, even the daughter who was recovered is still in the MWA.” Lucky Godwin’s advisor, Marcel Akamapa, said: “I am working with the Legal Aid Board of Nigeria. The way this ends up, I will reach out to my office and see what the next action to take.”


Aganoachuku told the New Telegraph that it was difficult for her to get justice for the deceased. “It wasn’t easy; it started in 2018 when the case file was assigned to prosecute. After going through it, only Lucky Goodwin and wife were charged. So, going through the case file, I now saw that there was a woman, Mummy Sharon, one Janet Icke from the state of Rivers that you rob and kill Lucky and go and sell children to this woman and this woman was not called, she was not charged. She was arrested and those children were taken back from her. So I went to the police, met with the then Deputy Commissioner of Police and told him I couldn’t go on with this without bringing these The woman because she needs to come and tell us how the dead man’s child was found, whether she was part of the team that killed that woman,” she stated.

Sharon’s mummy

The lawyer revealed that it was very difficult to arrest Sharon’s mummy from the place from which she escaped and bring her to Ebonyi State for trial. She said that the mummy, Sharon, printed her obituary posters and claimed that she was dead, and was brought by policemen who walked after her and showed her that the suspect was dead. Aganoachuku said she had to insist that her body be exhumed to make sure Sharon’s mummy was dead. “All efforts to apprehend the woman proved unsuccessful because when they knew the woman in Ichie, Rivers State, the woman had gone there and destroyed everything that connected her to the illegal business. At first, I learned that she said she ran an orphanage in Rivers but the house was exposed.” But I insisted that this matter could not go on without bringing the mother, so I told the police that they should bring the woman (Sharon’s mummy).” To their credit, the police tried to bring her but when they received the obituary posters; They conclude that she is dead. But I told the police that they should exhume her body, we want to see that the woman is dead. I don’t know how the police got the information that the woman lives somewhere in the bush near Owerri where she moved. So, the police tracked her down and finally caught her and brought her to Abakaliki and charged Lucky Godwin and his wife. Therefore, I pushed the case for murder because a woman is the one who usually receives children. Lucky first sold his son Emmanuel to the woman before he started having other children, seducing them and selling them to Mummy Sharon. So, Lucky’s son, Chisom Ugwu’s daughter and also the deceased daughter were recovered From the mummy of Sharon.” Three of them appeared before the High Family Court on charges of stealing children, selling children and buying children. Lucky has three warrants; One is for the murder of this unknown woman, the second is for the attempted murder and murder of the unborn child of Chisume Ogwu that is under consideration in court and the other is for stealing a child.


“The reason he was arrested and brought to Abakaliki was because of the case of Chisom who wanted to kill him. So, when he was arrested when Chisom regained consciousness, she told the police that she knew the man who wanted to kill her and mentioned Lucky. Lucky told Chisom that he would take her to Port Harcourt where she would give birth and that the woman would not She collects the money and takes care of the baby. Two days after her arrival, another woman was pregnant.” When she was put to bed, Sharon’s mummy took the baby and handed the woman over to Lucky according to their statement and told Lucky to get rid of the woman and Lucky until today, she could not locate the woman. Meanwhile, her baby was sold. “When this thing happened, Chisum was very scared and didn’t want to stay in Port Harcourt again, she said she wanted to go back to Enugu. On their way to Enugu Lucky took her back to Abakaleke and lured her into the bush where he stabbed her several times and left her there thinking she was dead.

drink blood

“Lucky drank the woman’s blood before leaving the bush and tied her up with a wrap. It was a woman who came to the farm in the morning and saw her who raised the alarm. The police were called and they came to the bush and took Chisum to the hospital where she received serious medical care. When she regained consciousness she told what had happened to her.” .

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