A man wins the internet for hiring William Hong to let his former colleagues know he’s leaving the company

A man recently went viral on TikTok after he hired Hong Kong-born American motivational speaker William Hong to announce that he is leaving his workplace.

Chris Gonzalez, a 33-year-old from California, rents Hung, 39, through his home Engraving profile To make a video announcing his departure. The video was then shared online by Gonzalez’s girlfriend, Joelyn Lu, on tik tok On May 11.

The post has been viewed more than 922,000 times as of this writing.

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The 31-second video shows Hong telling Gonzalez’s co-workers at the time that he will be giving him a notice. Hong then ended his message with an original song.

Hi everyone, this is William Hong. Christopher will put the notice to leave the current job for a new job in two weeks,” Hong says in the recording. “He’s found a new job, but he’s going to miss you all. You are all amazing, so don’t give up on creating the life you want.”

Talking to BuzzFeedLu said they were excited to see the reactions of Gonzalez’s former classmates to the personalized video message, and that he had received some private messages telling him what he did was “epic.”

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We were working from home, and I was so excited to watch the reaction, knowing he dropped the “here” sign [notifying everyone on Slack]and decided to film the reactions and responses in real time,” Lu said.

She added that Chris immediately began receiving direct messages from Slack from his co-workers congratulating him and saying it was an “epic” way.

In an interesting development, Gonzalez’s new colleagues have already seen the viral video, and some have suspected that the new “Christopher” in their workplace may be the same person Hong referred to in the clip.

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A new co-worker speculated that the video he previously saw on TikTok is the new “Chris” in their office, and Chris confirmed, “Lu told BuzzFeed.” When her new boss found out, she proudly shared a video of her new team member working on Slack, and people loved it. It was almost like a rite of passage.”

Lu also revealed that Hong’s song he sang in the dedicated video was a surprise, as Gonzalez never mentioned anything about his singing in his request.

Chris never commanded or paid William to sing – his original masterpiece was designed on his own.” “Chris absolutely loves his new job and is thrilled to have William Hong as a part of that moment.”

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Boy in Hong Kong On January 13, 1983, Hong became an internet sensation after his unsuccessful audition for “American Idol” in 2004, performing the popular song “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin.

Although he was rejected and ridiculed Judge Simon CowellHong has attracted an audience of followers online for his incredibly positive attitude, saying, “I’ve really done my best, and I have absolutely no regrets.”

Soon after his appearance on “American Idol”, Hong was offered a record deal and released several albums, including “Inspiration” and the holiday album “Hong for the Holidays”.

In May, it was Honginvited to return To “American Idol” on the 20th anniversary episode of “The Great Idol Reunion”, where he performed “She Bangs” with the same energy he’s had for nearly two decades.

Featured Image via Tweet embed (the left), American Idol (truly)

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