Aaron Judge’s Home Run: How to Watch Yankees vs. Red Sox on Apple TV+, MLB Network, and ESPN

Aaron Judge has been chasing Roger Maris for the better part of the season. And now, with Judge set to break a MLS record of 61 home runs in a single season, fans will embark on a hunt of their own — to catch the Judge at-bats across multiple TV networks this weekend.

The good news: Both the Judge and the remaining three New York Yankees games against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium were broadcast on national television. The unpleasant news: Friday’s game will be streamed on Apple TV+, an emerging sports streaming platform that the majority of fans don’t know about.

Apple’s deal with MLB gives it an exclusive for two games every Friday, a deal that has angered baseball fans who are used to broadcasting any game they like via MLB TV or watching it through its local broadcasters. However, the vast majority of games that made the switch to Apple TV+ didn’t resonate outside the local audience.

Judge VS. Date: 60+ Home Runs and a Triple Crown in 2022?

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That will change Friday night, when the streaming service wins the jackpot with exclusive rights in a potentially iconic moment. Like ESPN and TBS, MLB views Apple TV+’s nightly shows as widely distributed games across a national partner. So Friday’s game will not feature live pieces of the Judge’s at-bats, although it should be broadcast shortly on the MLB Network.

While the vast majority of viewers will see a national team announcement this weekend, that doesn’t mean a Yankees crew led by Michael Kay will be left out entirely. A look at how and when to watch the Judge’s 61st and 62nd home goal against the Red Sox:

Aaron Judge before Thursday’s game against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

Friday: Apple TV +

time: 7:05 Eastern time

opposing ejector: LH Rich Hill

Announcers.: Stephen Nelson, Hunter Pence, Katie Nolan, Heidi Watney

how to watchMost iPhone and iPad users should have the app already installed on their devices (even if you haven’t noticed it before). It is also relatively easy to download and view on most “smart” TVs. However, the game is not only available to the disciples of Steve Jobs. Apple TV+ is also available for Android users, who will need to access it via the browser rather than the app market.

Both MLB and Apple have comprehensive instructions on how to access Apple TV +. To avoid a last-minute scramble trying to access the broadcast while the judge is walking around the board, be sure to create an Apple ID.

For starters, MLB and Apple struck a deal to broadcast two games exclusively every Friday night, with restrictions on the number of times certain teams can be marked. (Indeed, Friday’s late game features the Cardinals-Dodgers and Albert Pujols, but he needs two home runs to score 700 points.) As fate would have it, Apple picked this Red Sox-Yankees match, which has few ramifications for bunting but, thanks to Judge, is of great historical value.

Saturday: MLB Network

time: 1:05 ET

opposing ejector: RH Nick Pevita

Announcers.: Bob Costas, Tom Verducci, John Morosi

how to watch: Yankee fans in the “tri-state” will be able to watch as always: on the YES network, with Kay on mic. The rest of the country will be able to watch on relatively basic cable. If you’re outside of the New York area but want to hear Kay Tubes during the call, the game should be available to stream on MLB.TV.

Additionally, since the MLB Network is owned by the league and not a broadcast partner, ESPN/ABC, if tilted, will be allowed to broadcast live at bat.

Sunday: ESPN

time: 7:08 a.m. ET

opposing ejector: RH Brian Bell

Announcers.: Carl Ravish, Eduardo Perez, David Kohn, Buster Olney

how to watch: MLB’s most reliable TV slot – Sunday Night Baseball – comes to the rescue. Sure, the iconic franchise has graced us with the Yankees-Red Sox over the past two decades, but this time it’s putting a potentially huge game on the platform it deserves.

And yes, even Kai gets part of the excitement. It will be available on ESPN2 alongside Alex Rodriguez for alternative TV broadcasts, which weren’t captured the way “Manningcast” used for Monday Night Football. However, it will provide Kay with a platform to play the Judge’s historic long ball with “See ya!” If it is so inclined.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Aaron Judge home run chase: TV channels, how to watch Yankees-Red Sox

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