Alternative health providers meet at Harrod Expo – The Lima News

Alternative health providers meet at Harrod Expo – The Lima News

HARROD – Alternative health vendors and activity leaders gathered on Saturday at the Harrod Events Center for Prosperity Voices Discover Wellness Gallery.

Visitors savor food and sample smoothies as they explore more than 31 business owners’ tables in Allen and Uglais County, representing different aspects of wellness. These included vendors such as massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists and doulas, who work alongside nurse midwives to provide emotional support during childbirth. Depending on the seller, they offered items for sale, gift cards, and even services on site.

Megan Fisher, founder and CEO of Prosperity Voices that organized the event, said today’s goal is to create a “pop-up” with educational aspirations.

“First of all, we hope that guests will become more informed about all the great options in our community. Second, we aimed to create a great social outing. Music and food bring people together, and while they are here, we talk about mental health and how to take care of yourself,” Fisher said. . “We are a nonprofit focused on helping people use creativity to live healthy lives. We work with everything from other nonprofits to large corporations, to individual performance to help people relax and embrace the creation process.”

Motivational speaker Risa Riel started the event by leading a discussion on mental health to encourage others that they are not alone in their struggle and to use their voices and express their opinions.

Joey Arthur engaged people with the drum circle, which was historically used in Native American and African cultures, as a facilitating way to bring people together and relieve stress.

American Vital Karate gave a live demonstration of Kyokushin Karate, teaching people how to harness the body’s powerful natural movements to protect themselves from violent attackers. It employs “kumite”, full contact sparring.

“I was bullied in school, so when I turned 18, I signed up for a club and have been doing it ever since,” said Jerry Bo, a Lima Senior graduate and senior Kyokushin Karate instructor at American Vital Karate.

Next, Jason Cooper performed on a range of reggae, folk, rock and indie music, creating an atmosphere of variety and relaxation.

Courtney J. Owens, a life coach, motivational speaker, and poet, has led, empowered and promoted poetry instantly at the end of the day.

Houseplants not only bring life into the home, but caring for them provides a relaxing pastime.

Vendors created in the “glass room” of the Harrod Event Center took the time to answer questions and describe their products and services to shoppers.

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