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The Los Angeles Angels face the Seattle Mariners. Check out our MLB odds series for Angels Mariners prediction and selection.

Patrick Sandoval goes to the bump for the Angels, while Robbie Ray will start for the Mariners.

Patrick Sandoval has a 3.61 ERA. If you had told Angel fans before the season it would be his age at the beginning of August, they would probably get the deal. However, Sandoval was going in the wrong direction, just like the angels themselves. His impressive ERA was 2.63 at the end of June, which means that in July, his ERA rose almost completely. He tore in three different starts and lost the edge that defined the first three months of his season. The encouraging part about July for Sandoval is that just before he finished, he made a solid start against Rangers, going 5 and 2/3 innings and only allowing two runs in four strokes. Perhaps this will enable him to reset the dial. It’s worth remembering that Sandoval produced one really bad outing before July. He gave up more than three earned runs just once in April, May and June. Perhaps in August, he can return to that level of quality and give Halos something to cherish in what has become a wasted season.

Robbie Ray has had a really weird season. In the first two months of the season, he didn’t look like the 2021 Cy Young winner who was with the Toronto Blue Jays. Ray held a 4.97 ERA at the start of June 12 against the Red Sox. That day, he made a solid game, and then broke out the next few weeks. He immediately regained the elite level of performance from last year. Everything was clicked. Dominate the opposing hitters. He shaved 1.43 of his era by an all-star break. His reappearance was part of the reason the Mariners won 14 games in a row.

After the break, Ray suddenly returned to his mid-May level. “Mid-May Ray” was a disaster, and Robbie recalled that ugly period of the 2022 season in two back-to-back games in late July against the Houston Astros. The reigning MLS champion faced Ray for 10 games in 5 2/3 games in two games. Ray did not enter the fourth inning in any of those matches. This start is very important to Ray and the Mariners – not only because they need to beat Angel’s bad team, but because Ray needs to get back to his level in July. He needs to give the Bulls a rest, and he needs to become that swinging guard that increases Mariners margin for error in the playoffs and potential wild card series.

Courtesy of FanDuelHere are the sailor angels MLB odds.

MLB . odds: Angels of Sailors Odds

Los Angeles Angels: +1.5 (-142)

Seattle Mariners: -1.5 (+116)

Above: 7 (+100)

Under: 7 (-122)

Why angels can cover the spread

If Robbie Ray gets lost and returns to “mid-May Ray” levels of performance, the sailors are in big trouble. The Angels lost on Thursday, and their season is still unbearably bad. However, they hit seven home runs against A, so it’s not as if their hitters are going to go to Seattle in disarray. Shohei Ohtani and the rest of the angels make big cuts and communicate. If Robbie Ray doesn’t step up his game, the angels can definitely beat up the sailors.

Why can sailors cover the deployment

Losing four matches to the Angels in the same series? This is a very real but distant memory of the Mariners, who have been a completely different team since that rocky moment in June. The Mariners won 14 in a row. They have chosen new players. They just won a series on the road in New York against the Yankees. When Seattle lost four of five to the Angels, its season looked dead. Now it looks like the Mariners are almost locked in to qualifying for the first time in 21 years. This team is way better than the Angels, and it needs to be revitalized after what it did at Yankee Stadium earlier this week. Having a day off on Thursday also gave this team a rest.

Final angels sailors prediction and selection

The Angels did indeed wear out the Mariners early in the season, but these are completely different teams now. Robbie Ray must dominate the injured and limited Los Angeles team. Take the rookie sailors on this one.

Predicting and Choosing the Ultimate Archangels: Sailors -1.5

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