Apple episode: Spielberg’s stunning one-shot iPhone video, more iPhone 14 Pro leaks, and expensive AirPods from GTA Online

Taking a look at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes an amazing iPhone 14 feature, the canceled Mac Pro, No More Intel in your MacBook, the success of the Apple Q3, Apple’s Lightning port replacement, and a single shot of Steven Spielberg iPhone and new AirPods in GTA Online.

The Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the many discussions that have taken place about Apple over the past seven days (and you can read the weekly summary of Android news here on Forbes).

iPhone 14 screen looks sharper

Without any massive evolutionary strides, the iPhone 14 family certainly looks iterative with little new on offer. This week came more details about the possible update of the screen technology. Gordon Kelly has more:

“…The industry’s most prestigious display specialist, Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultant (DSCC), has revealed that Samsung’s “M12 OLED material set” display technology will arrive on all iPhone 14 models. Considering that it hasn’t even made a phone Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra, this is a shock.”


Which Mac Pro will break the promise?

At WWDC 2020, Tim Cook and his team announced that the entire range of Mac devices will be available on Apple Silicon by the end of 2022. All that remains is the Mac Pro. Many were expecting one at WWDC 2022 with a specific M1 chip. This never happened, and time is running out. And it seems that the M1 Mac Pro is not happening. With that said, there is good news on the M2 Mac Pro:

And there’s one big hole in the wallet. We’re still seeing the Apple Silicon Mac Pro, and the latest news is that the M1-based Mac Pro won’t be released. Mac Pro fans shouldn’t fear, though. It’ll skip the first generation and turn the M2 architecture into an 11 with the M2 Extreme called softly.”


MacBooks are missing the latest Intel tags

Speaking of Intel’s removal, investigations inside the M2 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro revealed that Intel’s latest chipset – which used to control the Thunderbird 3 interfaces – is out of design. All this is Apple Silicon for the main chips and Apple’s supplier selection for other components:

“Not all chips in the MacBook Air are made by Apple. The company still uses chips from Texas Instruments, Nexperia, Samsung, etc. These chips are ‘smaller’ than the CPU, GPU, and Thunderbolt driver, so it’s unlikely that Apple won’t be interested in replacing them. All. But as the Thunderbolt drives show, Apple’s silicon transition is about chips both large and small.”


Apple’s successful third quarter

Apple reported record third-quarter revenue of $83 billion, an increase of 2 percent year over year. Once again, the iPhone family is the leader, with a three percent revenue jump, despite the Apple Mac platform dropping ten percent:

The company’s third-quarter revenue and fiscal profit narrowly beat analysts’ estimates, with iPhone sales continuing to do better than expected. Although CEO Tim Cook decried a ‘batch of headwinds’ hampering Apple’s business, he expected sales to start in selection in the coming months.”

(Apple and Bloomberg).

When the lightning stops striking

What device will lose the Lightning port and switch to USB-C in the future? With so much pressure from governments and authorities around the world, the Apple-owned connector is under scrutiny. However, some products use USB-C, and more could join the global team over the next year. Joe Rossignol looks at what is and what could be:

“Apple now offers USB-C ports on every Mac that it sells today, from the MacBook Air to the Mac Pro. Other devices with a USB-C port include the 2018 and newer iPad Pro, 2020 and newer iPad Air, and the sixth-generation iPad mini and Studio Display, and Pro Display XDR… rumor has it that five other Apple products and accessories will also switch to USB-C in the future, as described below.”


Music, man, one shot Spielberg

With camera and smartphone photography one of the main distinguishing features on the market, anything that allows the manufacturer to enhance the quality of its cameras would be welcome. So Steven Spielberg’s iPhone use is a catnip for Apple’s PR team:

When he filmed his first music video, Marcus Mumford’s single “Cannibal”, he chose to use his phone as a camera. In a tweet, Mumford wrote, “On Sunday, July 3 at a high school gym in New York, Steven Spielberg directed the first video A musician in one take on his phone. Kate Capshaw was the strong, strong fist.”



This week saw Rockstar’s totemic GTA Online summer update. In addition to allowing for more nefarious activities, new clothes and accessories have been added to the various stores in the sprawling city of Los Santos. AirPods.

“I am amazed at what people care about the most. During the live broadcast, all I wanted to know was how to get the new AirPods in GTA Online.”

…although it’s worth noting that, with his tongue in his cheeks, Rockstar called the Beat Offs, rather than the more legally problematic AirPods.

(TGG guide on YouTube).

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