“Are you kidding me?”: Who is the Venus flytrap? The Masked Singer fans are upset after getting rid of famous celebrities

“Are you kidding me?”: Who is the Venus flytrap? The Masked Singer fans are upset after getting rid of famous celebrities

Fox masked singer Season 8 is back for a brand new episode on Wednesday night, November 9, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET. The reality television series presented its viewers with three masked celebrities who renewed their fight.

Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger returned to their seats as judges. Sadly, Ken Jeong has been unable to pass this week since he tested positive for Covid-19.

LEGO MastersKane’s place on the panel was taken by Joel McHale, and famous actress Leslie Jordan joined as a guest judge. Sadly, this was his last television appearance before his death in October 2022.

The theme for this week’s competition was “Hall of Fame Night”, and the three masked celebrities submitted were Venus Fly Trap, Gopher and Bride.

Unfortunately, a celebrity was revealed after their first performance. Having received the fewest votes from the studio audience, host Nick Cannon revealed that the masked celebrity to be eliminated is the Venus Fly Trap.

Upon witnessing the unveiling of the Venus Flytrap trap, fans were alarmed. Previously, fans correctly predicted that the celebrity wearing the costume was a former professional boxer, George Foreman.

If you’re curious to know what fans are saying on social media, keep reading.

Fans outraged after George Foreman got the fewest votes masked singer Season 8

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that they couldn’t believe the Venus Fly Trap was the first hooded celebrity of the night to be eliminated. Fans couldn’t believe he got the fewest votes. Some fans also claimed that they had already speculated that it was George Foreman under the mask.

Venus flytrap you have to take it off first. Robin got it right. He is former boxing champion George Foreman. Now that’s what I call a lean, mean fighting machine! #TheMaskedSinger

George Foreman about Venus flytrap! He should not go home! #TheMaskedSinger

I can’t believe the flower fly trap comes home first when it was the best of the night #TheMaskedSinger

Here are the clues and hints that Venus Fly Trap gave to the judges

Prior to his performance, Venus Fly Trap presented the judges and viewers with a video montage consisting of clues about his character. He started his evidence pack by stating,

“Becoming a Hall-of-Famer is not easy, but I did it twice. The first time was in my twenties. Nobody thought I could do it again in my forties, but I went on as one of the best players in history.” I didn’t stop there. My greatest success came in the next decade of my life.”

Visible clues in its packaging included Orion’s belt, the constellation, and multiple props such as a lawn chair, towels, and floats. There was also a flamingo, a TV guide, a gold medal, and a horseshoe.

For his performance, Venus Fly Trap performed his version of get ready by The Temptations. For his proof on stage, masked singer rider detection,

“I took the punches, I took the blows.”

The judges predicted it could be either Mike Tyson, Bo Jackson, Charles Barclay or George Foreman. In the end, Robin Thicke was the only one who got it right.

masked singer Season 8 airs every Wednesday at 8pm ET only on Fox. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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