As the trade deadline approaches, Juan Soto and Pablo Lopez emerge as the Dodgers’ top targets

Washington Nationals superstar Juan Soto smiles after scoring a home single against the New York Mets on Monday. Will Soto be on the Dodgers by Tuesday noon? (Alex Brandon/The Associated Press)

As the clock approaches the MLB trading deadline on Tuesday afternoon, there are two potential paths ahead for the Dodgers.

He had huge success in the business of star Juan Soto, a Washington native.

Or boost the promo crew by adding a starter, with the Miami Marlins’ Pablo Lopez emerging as a legitimate target for the Dodgers, according to several people familiar with the situation.

The Dodgers’ interest in Soto has been evident for weeks, since the 23-year-old refused to extend a 15-year, $440 million contract from the Nationals last month and was placed in the trade block by the club.

The Dodgers are said to be one of three contestants in the Soto lottery, along with San Diego Padres and St. Louis Cardinals.

A two-time All-Star and 2020 National League champion could come at an unprecedented cost. The Citizens were asking for up to six senior clients as well as young players and MLB producers.

For the Dodgers, such a package could include catcher Diego Cartaya, his overall greatest potential and one of the most popular young players in the sport; junior pitchers at Bobby Miller and Ryan Peut; promising hitters such as Miguel Vargas, Michael Bush or Andy Pages; And maybe even second baseman Gavin Locks or bowler Dustin May from the big league roster.

However, optimism about getting Soto has grown among some in the Dodgers organization in recent days, as other league contenders such as the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners appear to have dropped out of the race.

However, there is a chance that Soto will end up with the Cardinals or Padres – who each have their own impressive cadre of assets to bring to the table – or stay with the Nationals if the team does not receive an offer it deems strong enough for the generational talent, which will be under the team’s control for a period of time. Two seasons later this year.

If the Dodgers don’t finish with Soto, they can switch to López, who is one of the remaining top shooters still available on deadline.

Miami Marlins player Pablo Lopez delivers against the New York Mets on Sunday.

Miami Marlins player Pablo Lopez delivers against the New York Mets on Sunday. (Wilfredo Lee/The Associated Press)

López, the 26-year-old, who has a 3.41 ERA in 21 starts this season, has been at the center of discussions between the Dodgers and Marlins recently. Veteran Marlins detective, Anthony Bass, was also mentioned in the conversations between the two teams.

Lopez, another player with two seasons of team control after this year, wouldn’t come cheap.

The controllable starting market has gone through the roof after massive withdrawals from the Cincinnati Reds traded Luis Castillo to the Seattle Mariners on Friday, and the Oakland Athletics received a Frankie Montas deal to the New York Yankees on Monday.

But adding López could help steady the Dodgers’ battering, who leads the big ERA team but still doesn’t know exactly what to expect from injured bowlers like Walker Buehler, May and Blake Treinen.

It’s doubtful if the Dodgers can capture both Soto and López, as both teams will likely want to have many of the Dodgers’ best prospects.

There are also other alternatives that the Dodgers could explore before the 3pm PT deadline on Tuesday, with Ian Happe of the Chicago Cubs and JD Martinez of the Boston Red Sox notable among the many other hitters that can be had at a lower cost.

“I think we learned how to manage [the deadline rumors]Dodgers coach Dave Roberts said ahead of the team’s 8-2 win over the San Francisco Giants on Monday, picked by Max Muncie in the second half at home and a pair of RBIs for Trea Turner, Freddy Freeman and Will Smith.

With the win, the Dodgers (69-33) have the best record in the majors at the deadline.

“It’s kind of like, at least you know now the day after tomorrow, the people within the organization you’re going to be joining, and then you can move forward with those people.”

It’s still not clear who exactly the Dodgers could add.

But on the eve of another trading deadline, they have once again set themselves up to go after some of the biggest names available in the market.

Cleavinger deals with rays

The Dodgers made a minor move on Monday, sending left-back Garrett Cleavinger to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for potential 18-year-old German Tapia. Cleavinger was in Triple A, and his departure opens a place on the team’s 40-man roster.

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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