Ask the LGHL: Is Desmond Howard the Worst Analyst in College Football?

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Question: Is Desmond Howard the worst analyst in college football?

I realize this seems like a very difficult question to answer considering the fact that Danny Cannell is still around and he still pollutes the college football world with it. Lazy, outdated, and reductive. However, it is a question to be asked, and we here at the Land-Grant Holy Land will do the difficult, but necessary work of coming up with an answer.

Now, before we get into the details of this discussion, I would like to assure all loyal readers from North of the (Ohio) Frontier, that our conclusion after careful consideration of this question will in no way be swayed by Howard’s decades of unrepentant trolling of his state’s leading institution. Despite the fact that for almost the past two decades, his book Corn and Blue has shown what a terrible analyst it is when choosing the winner of The Game, we approach this with a flat head and without external prejudices.

For example, when Des has a good point, we are more than happy to give him his due. Status and point:

However, before the third week of the 2022 college football season began, three of the four College Football Playoff teams had already lost, and a fourth (his college) had only faced the likes of Colorado State. Hawaii and Ocon – ranked 120, 128 and 126 respectively in Bill Connelly’s SP+ rankings… and yes, that’s among the 131 FBS teams.

Also, his national champion – Texas A&M – was already so embarrassed that he had to make a change when starting quarterback and suspend a whole group of freshmen in Week 3.

But Howard’s incompetence goes beyond his inability to deliver near-coherent college football predictions. If you follow us on Twitter, you know we’re a fan of phishing; Comic back-and-forth ribbing is one of the fun things inherent in being a sports fan (as evidenced by this particular article), but when you’re paid to provide a compelling analysis of a network that proclaims itself as “the world’s leading sports company,” you have to be incognito to At least to some extent to hide your obvious biases and resentments.

I’m not saying they won’t infiltrate your analysis or how you view sports. They are part of who you are and how you see the world, you cannot change that. But, while one hopes that you are actively working to curb those bad instincts, the least you can do is be self-aware enough to hide them in a way that doesn’t make you look like a completely unserious clown when you put yourself out. In full view for the world to see.

Although Howard has yet to reach Mark May’s levels of ass, he’s a lot closer than anyone else in the college football world.

I now know Ohio has a slew of alumni in the CFB media, and the likes of Kirk Herbstreet and Joey Galloway (and Urban Meyer) regularly upset Buckeye fans. not being Homers as they do hate Buckeye Universe Homers. So I appreciate it’s hard to get to, but dis, dude, you should at least try.

When it’s obvious that you can’t really analyze sports (Pittsburgh, Baylor, Texas A&M at CFP?), at least make semi-veiled attempts to hide your condition.

So, in conclusion, is Desmond Howard the worst analyst in college football? Although it doesn’t bring me any happiness at all by saying it (I’m lying, it brings me so much joy), yes, I think it does.

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