Autumn gear essentials to make your bike commute safe and stylish

The seasons have officially arrived and it’s time to take a look at some of our favorite fall gear to protect against the season wind, rain, cold, sun, heat, and everything in between. Just no snow. Excuse me!

Turn Quick Hole

Looking for an easy and affordable way into the electric cargo bike scene this fall? Look no further than Tern Quick Haul. It is a compact and well-designed electric vehicle for all your city needs that can quickly and easily replace a family car. This is my job. One distinguishing feature of this gem is the extra-long rear rack with a capacity of 110 lbs which provides users with the ability to transport very little whether it’s the kids off to school, a full load of groceries or a dog for a trip down to the park. Combine it with the optional front rack and watch the magic happen with the many different combinations and configurations for the demands of everyday life. Quick Haul also has a whole ecosystem of accessories to make life on two wheels that much easier. The cargo bike is powered by a Bosch mid-drive motor, with Shimano gears and brakes.

The Quick Haul features a comfortable, upright driving position and an easy-to-step tire that makes riding easy.

We love that the seat and leg are adjustable, so the bike can be used by multiple people with two quick switches. The Quick Haul fits riders approximately 4’11” to 6’5″. And the Tern Quick Haul can be stored vertically, making it perfect to fit in small spaces.

The line features two D8 models, a Class 1 e-bike capable of speeds up to 20 mph at $2,999—the most affordable Tern-equipped bike on the market. There’s also the P9, a Class 3 e-bike that can hit 28 mph for $3,299.

Fall can send a lot of different looks at us, cyclists – rain, sleet, wind, sun, and a hail of falling nuts. It’s hard to find a jacket that covers all the bases. Fortunately, there is Anorak Cleverhood. This is one well made garment from the perfectly crafted rain cover to the huge front pocket to stash all kinds of items from gloves to sunglasses with a small separate zip area for dry storage. It’s also designed with an extra length in the back to keep the kester dry and comfortable on those rainy rides. There’s plenty of room in the shoulders for easy movement while active with a two-layer waterproof and breathable material that won’t leave you with a sweaty mess at the end.

Anorak is designed for layering, too. Autumn riding is essential. Of course, not just for cycling. This is a stylish rain jacket for all your cool wet occasions that comes in a range of fetch shades from Randy Red to Pluto Blue. There’s a reason Wired magazine named this gem its top cycling jacket. It is so perfect.

We love that the Fully Textured Anorak, $119, takes all the best protection features of the popular Cleverhood capes, and combines them with the benefit of a great fall jacket.

Looking for a lightweight jacket that’s stylish and versatile enough for the unique downfalls we always find ourselves in? Look no further than the Wander Over shirt from Los Angeles apparel manufacturer swrve. This stylish lightweight jacket is also great for everyday wear, whether the temperatures are dropping or the sun is finally out on an afternoon ride. It’s an item of gear that looks and works well while riding to the yard for an afternoon get-together, and it looks even better as a casual fashion statement while socializing.

The Wander Over Shirt is designed with four-way stretch material to give your arms and shoulders plenty of freedom of movement as well as provide light water resistance should any of those unexpected fall rains hit. And speaking of classes. This gem does it all. Throw a layer under it and it’s warm enough for a fall morning, or throw a shell over it and spin through the worst of fall days.

We love the drilling holes combined with the breathable and moisture-wicking fabric so we can get this piece out on long trips while still staying cool enough to avoid sweating. And the YKK snap buttons are a dream. Of course, the drop tail brim is perfect for cyclists and their backsides, and the top rim on the front means it won’t bunch up when you’re out on a ride.

Swrve’s handcrafted clothing is long-lasting, and the stylish and ultra-functional Wander Over Shirt is no exception. This piece will be well-used in a biker’s fall gear wardrobe for years to come.

short term turn

Tern Short Haul (Paul Masukowitz Photography)

Tern, the popular cargo bike brand, did something we all hoped they would. They have created an inexpensive, high-quality cargo bike called the Short Haul. This new model, more expensive than Tern, shined in its practicality and simplicity. It has an extra-long and extra-strong rear rack on which to add an entire ecosystem of accessories from child seats to grocery carriers to enable the bike to tow up to a total vehicle weight of over 300 lbs.

What we love is how easy it is to pedal in the short run, and how flexible it is to fit a wide range of riders. The Short Haul comes in only one frame size and can fit most riders from 4’10” to 6’3″ which means any family member can take it to the grocery store or take a kid to the soccer field or school.

Standing at just 19″ in height and 20″ wheels, it makes it wonderfully easy to operate. Combine that with a long wheelbase and you’ll have a ride stable enough for all that cargo you’ll be carrying once the Short Haul arrives.

Its 35.4-pound weight and vertical parking feature add to the ease of use of this fall cargo bike.

The flat shoe MT500 Burner is a flat pedal that cyclists have been waiting to add to their fall gear wardrobe. These stylish shoes feature serious ergonomics based on well-intentioned research. The burners feature durable textile uppers with ventilation, a quick-dry lining for rainy days, and a reinforced toe box and heel for protection.

If you’re looking for some durable yet stylish pants for your urban commute, check out the Haskell Pant from Kitsbow, $229. Don’t worry about heading to the office straight from the bike with these. Move in complete freedom with this specially designed fabric that is soft and durable, not to mention water-resistant.

gear lock fall

Foldable locks are a boon for urban cycling due to their versatility and security. It is very easy to store one of these in a backpack or messenger bag pocket. This model is durable and features 5.5mm rails made of specially hardened steel and attached to special bolts, priced at $148.

When you need gloves, you need gloves. And Giro Proof Gloves are designed for extreme cold weather – including icy autumn winds. These gloves are a perfect item for your fall gear. It’s water-resistant, touchscreen, and offers great warmth and versatility thanks to a lightweight design, $85.

The Kitsbow Women’s Icon Shirt is a great versatile outdoor shirt perfect for fall riding. Wool fabric, which has always been a great material for outerwear, is soft and strong at the same time. The chassis, especially in the shoulders, gives riders a full range of motion. And it looks great, has a women’s size, and the fleece material is naturally waterproof, $259.

Having a full range of high quality fenders for your bike is essential fall gear. And these beauties from Portland Design Works are among the nicest we’ve found with a fully anodized aluminum build that’s protective and stylish on any bike, $129.

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