Baker Mayfield vs. Sam Darnold, Day 8: Tracking the Panthers’ players into training camp

The quarterback competition between Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield continued on day eight of Panthers training camp.

Carolina did a lower intensity workout after her walk on Thursday. Darnold and Mayfield still split evenly across the first-team representatives. Darnold made the most of his chances by throwing twice and only one touch in 14 throws.

Some of Darnold’s completions came when it seemed like the high school was loosening its coverage, allowing deep multiple ways to go to DJ Moore and Robbie Anderson. But during a competitive session in the red 11 for 11, Darnold went 3 for 3 and threw twice.

Mayfield hasn’t been as sharp as he used to be but still has decent training. Even his middle days produce more explosive plays than Darnold’s usual routine. But on Friday, Darnold ditched his entry-checking habits and got his best camp practice so far.

Let’s delve into their performance.

Baker Mayfield

Statistics (unofficial): 7 vs 13, TD

Having delivered three of his best practices, Mayfield was spending a consistent day on a mixture of first and second team goals. Complete passes for four different receivers, including a red zone touchdown for Brandon Zelstra receiver in a delayed deep post.

Shee Smith and Tommy Trimble both dropped passes from Mayfield which would have made big gains. Mayfield may have put a lot of heat on Smith’s short pass. Tremble’s drop came via a deep seam path, which Mayfield put in place perfectly.

The team did not train very quickly. There were no two-minute drills or no-cocktails. So far during camp, Mayfield has played noticeably better when delegates reflect game situations.

best throw: After Tremble brought down the seam road, Mayfield returned to the same play, but this time targeting narrow end Colin Thompson down the left hash. Thompson was not open. However, Mayfield somehow passed the ball through the defender’s ear hole and into Thompson’s chest plate as he roamed the red zone.

The pass sparked a collective gasp of panther fans watching.

Notable error: Mayfield took a commissioned position during a seven-to-seven session early in practice. Hold the ball for more than three seconds, run to the right and throw the ball that has fallen incompletely. With the play not having the whistle blown, it is likely that Mayfield will be sent off in a game for holding the ball for too long.

Sam Darnold

Statistics (unofficial): 13 at 14, 2 TD

Sam Darold only threw one decrease during the team’s competitive sessions seven-to-seven and 11-for-11.

Darnold played foul-free football on Friday. Of the 14 pass attempts, two went for relegation because he showed more order to attack. His sharpest moment came in the red where he went 3 for 3 with two drops.

He opened practice completing seven of his first eight throws, including gains of 12 yards or more for Moore, Anderson and Richard Higgins.

Darnold trained with urgency and did not settle for the usual review throws.

best throw: During the red-zone session, Darnold threw a touchdown to slot receiver CJ Saunders, who opened late as a No. 2 option. Initially, Darnold looked for Anderson, who made a lackluster comeback against long-time cornerback Chris Westrey. Darnold Anderson held it for about a second before his eyes jumped to his second reading.

Saunders streaked across the backline of the end zone from left to right. Darnold filed a dart high to the left shoulder for Saunders diving. He held the score, celebrated with Darnold and let out an emphatic roar toward the crowd.

Notable error: Like Mayfield, Darnold also took a poor sack during the seven-on-seven actor. Catch the ball when no goals have opened. Darnold tried to escape from the court, but the arrogant Frankie Lofo immediately met him on the field.

Who won today?

Darnold did more of his chances in the red than Mayfield. On his first touchdown, he tapped his clean pocket to land a blow to cross the deep Zilstra.

Although both quarterbacks won three days of practice, Mayfield collectively outperformed Darnold by eight practices. Even when Mayfield has an average workout, he still does a remarkable job or two. Meanwhile, there have been multiple practices where it’s hard to remember a completed Darnold card.

Saturday’s practice is expected to see a lot of wrangling. It will be the most important practice of the week for each of the midfielders.

Total wins this season

Baker Mayfield 3

Sam Darnold 3

PJ Walker / Matt Coral 1

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