Besides who are you? Excerpt from “Kingdom Politics” by Tony Evans

The following excerpt is from Kingdom Policy: Return God to Government by Tony Evans. Republished with permission from Moody Publishers. © 2022.

Take the political aspects

We read in Joshua 5 about the battle of Jericho. God had already promised Joshua victory in this battle, but Joshua still had to partner with God to bring this victory into history. God was going to give Joshua victory, but only on his own terms. In other words, if the walls of Jericho were to fall, Joshua had to follow God until the walls fell.

As we read about this partnership in the process of securing victory over Jericho, we learn more about how God sets an example for us when it comes to politics. The story we are going to look at begins in verse 13 where we read,

And when Joshua was near Jericho, he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, a man was standing before him, with his sword in his hand. So Joshua went to him and said to him: For us or for our opponents? And he said, No, but now I have come as captain of the Lord’s army. So Joshua fell on his face to the ground and prostrated, and said to him: What does my lord say to his servant? And the commander of the Lord’s army said to Joshua: Take off your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy. So Joshua did so. (verses 13-15)

In this passage, we find a man who is ready to fight. He is ready to go into battle. His sword was pulled in his hand when Joshua bumped into him. The obvious question comes from Joshua at this point, “Are you with us or our enemy?” In other words, “Who are you besides?”

This is a common question we hear when it comes to politics in America. Are you a republican or a democrat? Besides who are you? Are you a liberal? Or are you conservative? Are you a leftist? Or are you from the right wing? It’s a common question we hear today, and it’s really no different from what Joshua wanted to know about the man with the sword standing in front of him. It is important on which side someone is standing, or at least we think they are on. Joshua wanted to know where this man was leaning so he could know his strategy and approach against Jericho. After all, he was carrying a sword.

But instead of taking a stand, the man told Joshua that he stands by no one but God. He was the chief of the Lord’s army. He didn’t come to take a side. It came working on a whole other level. It was a whole other program. Joshua came from the chosen people and the chosen nation, but this does not mean that God took sides. Just because they were His chosen people does not mean that God automatically took their side. Nor was it next to Jericho, the city of people who hardly knew his name. Rather, God is an independent kingdom. Let me write that again in case you missed it: The God of the Bible is an independent kingdom. He doesn’t take sides when it comes to fighting a fight. He sits as king over all and it is his glory and his kingdom that he seeks to expand upon.

God is on his side. For this reason, if anyone asks me if I am a Republican or a Democrat, I answer that I am not. I am an independent kingdom. Indeed, I would encourage all Christians to consider themselves independent of the kingdom. An independent kingdom is a Christian whose ultimate political alliance is those people, policies, and programs that best represent the values ​​of God’s kingdom. Now, that may manifest as either voting for a Republican or a Democratic candidate, or you can vote as a Liberal, or even as a written student, but the only absolute compatibility must be with God and the perspective of His kingdom.

Voting as an independent kingdom

The God of the Bible does not ride the backs of donkeys or elephants. The God of the Bible is independent of Him. He only votes for himself. Problems arise when it comes to our voting decisions when there is no political party that only votes on God’s way. Some represent God’s priorities in certain matters and not others. vice versa. Thus, when it is time to vote, one person may vote Republican because they vote with an emphasis on life in the womb. But others may vote Democrats because they vote with an emphasis on post-womb justice for life. We pick and choose based on our personal history and priorities; Our conscience and how God guides us at that time. Regardless, you should only view yourself as an independent kingdom because your primary obligation will be to the kingdom of God over the politics of men.

No political party should hold your allegiance entirely, because if it deviates from God’s values ​​and priorities, you must remain committed to God. No politician should replace God’s role in your life. No politician or party should receive the worship you offer to God alone. Did you notice what Joshua did when he heard the leader of the Lord’s army announce who he was and whose side he was? Joshua did not argue. He did not give his opinion. He didn’t direct him to a popular talk show or political expert. No, Joshua fell to the ground and prostrated before him. When he got on his knees, he symbolized his loyalty to the cause of God.

We have Christians today who will prostrate or kneel for social reasons, but will not prostrate before God. It is time for all the people who call upon the name of Jesus Christ to prostrate themselves before Almighty God and the cause of his kingdom. The kneeling includes the posture of submission. Refers to the deliberate surrender of a relationship.

Are you willing to kneel in the way of God despite your political conviction? Are you ready to take a knee for the king and his kingdom? That’s what the kingdom’s vote is all about.

Adapted from Kingdom Policy: Return God to Government by Tony Evans. Republished with permission from Moody Publishers. © 2022.

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