Best Celebrity Movie Cameo that really surprised fans

Best Celebrity Movie Cameo that really surprised fans

It’s always a fun surprise to see an unexpected cameo make a movie. In fact, the fitting veil at the right time may be the only thing in the movie that fans leave at the cinema and keep talking about! This was the entire basis for crossover franchises and cinematic universes like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DCU as well.

From the times when such large cameos and crossovers were just the stuff of fans’ intimate dreams to this day, it’s always a very welcome surprise for fans when they see someone they’ve always wanted to see in a situation completely outside their element, or when they see someone they never expected to appear in a movie or show. TV they watch. Here are some of the celebrity engravings who never saw what’s coming that made their jaws drop.

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8/8 David Bowie made a surprise Cameo in Zoolander

The late legend David Bowie appeared in the classic comedy Zoolander Like no other, in a true Boyfriend way. The iconic singer and actor had a surprising surprise as the one to judge the supermodel between the characters of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the movie. In this hilarious engraving, Bowie suggests walking the good old fashioned between the two to determine which model will come to the fore. Bowie also has a bunch of other engravings like Christopher Nolan prestige Among other feature films such as Pan . maze.

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7/8 Coldplay had a secondary inscription in Shaun of the Dead

Edgar Wright, Director shaun the dead, It’s not surprising that there are a host of celebrities in the films he directs. British band Coldplay appears at the end of the film as an advocate for a fictional charity that hopes to support the reintegration of zombies into society. Hilarious, isn’t it? Fans think so too and die hard, the Coldplay bosses always point to this scene as evidence of the band’s fun side. Although band leader Chris Martin sadly said 2025 might be the last year for the British film, fans are hoping to see them in more cameos and other great work.

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6/8 Matt Damon was a fake Loki in Thor Ragnarok

Die Hard Marvel Fans were rolling on the ground when they saw the mock play Motorcycle rental And they had even more fun when Matt Damon portrayed Loki in Taika Waititi. This inscription was a secret sworn by all of the cast and crew members, but it wasn’t the only notable secret appearance. Taika Waititi himself, the film’s director, had four different looks as four different characters, and fans can tell he enjoyed them all.

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5/8 Daniel Craig was a Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens

2015 The force wakes up He had a large number of secret star inscriptions often concealed as stormtroopers or in very quick and brief scenes. In this clip, the Stormtrooper in question is actually Daniel Craig! Other celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Tom Hardy and Jamie Oliver also had secret Easter eggs in the movie.

4/8 Dolly Parton was treated to by Sandra Bullock in Miss

in the sequel to Miss Morals, Miss Armed and Brilliant MoralsSandra Bullock’s character stalks what she thinks is a fake Dolly Parton imitator and deals with her on Earth only to find out she was the real Dolly! Rumor has it that Bullock had to write a letter to Barton herself in order to be featured in this scene.

3/8 The Jonas Brothers spent a night at the Museum

The boy band appeared in the movie Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Like three cupids, they sang sweet love songs for the characters Ben Stiller and Amy Adams in the movie. If you ask fans, they’ll probably all agree that they’ve been handpicked as gorgeous.

2/8 Elon Musk met Iron Man himself

Controversial businessman and CEO of Tesla appeared in nothing else iron man 2 as the same. In this scene he is seen away from Tony Stark as they praise each other for their imaginative inventions and gadgets. Perfect fit for tech pole.

1/8 Tom Cruise’s Cameo Was Pure Comedy in Tropic Thunder

Fans couldn’t believe Tom Cruise’s transformation into Ben Stiller comedy tropical thunder. With a massive all-star cast, and even Oscar nominations for star Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise easily stole the show by portraying Les Grossman, a greedy Hollywood director too obsessed with making a “real” hit movie. Cruz, who wore a bald hat, fake chest hair, and a fat suit, was nearly unrecognizable in his cameo, leaving fans with a piece of pure comedy.

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