Best History Podcasts Ever | The week in the UK

Best History Podcasts Ever | The week in the UK

If Tales of the Past is your bag, the podcast has proven to be a good platform for both historical deep dives and digestible retrospective nibbles.

“Let’s be honest, there is a lot of history,” Time Out said, and her podcast explorations could be “perfect fodder for road trips, to say the least.”

Real Simple said the podcast “makes learning about history topics easier and more fun than ever,” “often revealing new facts and stimulating new ways of thinking along the way.”

The rest is history

The team said the series sees historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbruck “interrogating the past and trying to untangle the present.” They added that they “derive the entirety of human history, or as far as they can come to about fifty minutes”.

The New Statesman said the series is “amazing in its scope,” teaching us about “Pompeii, Vladimir Putin, and killer costumes, including flammable tutus.” It blends “serious historical research with contemporary culture,” according to GQ.

History of Dan Carlin Hardcore

This intermittently released series discusses historical events such as the Cold War, Adolf Hitler, and World War I in “theater of mind” style.

“If you were planning to devote any time at all to the date type, you would be negligent not to start here,” WhatPods said. Meanwhile, Slate magazine ranked the 2009 “Ghosts of the Ostfront” episode as the fifth best podcast episode ever, praising Carlin as a “colorful, wide-eyed guide.”

You are dead to me

Greg Jenner from awesome date Fame, take the fun of this franchise to the airwaves in this charming podcast. It covers everything from the history of fairy tales, to the history of chocolate, with Richard Osman being all over the place.

“Whether it’s useful for a pub quiz, to amaze your friends with fun historical facts, or to broaden your perspective on what history itself means,” this group will “teach you valuable lessons while you don’t even realize you’re learning,” Retrospect told Retrospect.

British history podcast

This chronological retelling of Britain’s history focuses on the lives of the people. “You will not find here a dry narrative of dates and battles,” say the producers. “Instead, you will learn who these people are and how their desires, fears, and shortcomings have shaped our history.”

The series’ “hardly independent” is a “deep, deep dive into a foggy past” and a “burst from the podcast’s past,” Forbes felt.

Hit the history of Dan Snow

The Evening Standard said Dan Snow’s podcast “tops the list of history programmes.” There are episodes covering events like the Peterloo massacre in Manchester in the 19th century, and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

The podcast, which The Times says offers “digestible nuggets,” aims to cover “the most exciting and important thing that has ever happened on this planet.” It couldn’t be fairer than that.

you are wrong

Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbs relay their obsession with the past to this podcast that “revisits a person or event that was a mistake in the public imagination,” including Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s couch and whether Yoko Ono broke the Beatles.

While they “never sacrifice subtlety for fun,” Time said, “their refreshing tone keeps even the hottest topics appealing.” The Irish Times says the hosts “prove time and time again that the past is a different country”.


This New York Times podcast explores the legacy of slavery in the United States, taking its name from the year the first ship carrying enslaved Africans arrived. Nicole Hannah Jones is particularly strong in how slavery shaped the United States as we know it today.

The Guardian said it was “an ambitious, necessary and passionate listening”, as well as an “urgent reminder of the amount of work yet to be done”.

British stuff stole

The makers of this podcast say the British Empire has “stolen a lot of stuff”, which aims to present the “unkempt” history behind things.

Time Out said this “excellent, funny, and fiery” Australian podcast is alive to “burning injustice”, and provides “a good guide to some of the artifacts in museums around the world”.

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