Bjork’s podcast is a deep dive and intimate

Bjork’s podcast is a deep dive and intimate

Sonic TokenBjörk’s new retrospective podcast, derives its title from the term she uses to describe her album covers: “Homemade Tarot Cards” that depict the exact mood of her music at the time of its creation. From for the first timeSimple sepia color image of VosoraA flowering mushroom painting, all of its album art has been driven by a subtle blend of drive, instinct, and sharp intent. These forces have always been central to the experimental Icelandic pop artist’s career, from her time in the punk bands Kukl and Sugarcubes to the pop art that shifted its boundaries in the decades that followed. with Sonic TokenShe breaks down this history in minute detail and with a distinctive oval charm, providing listeners with a surprisingly intimate glimpse into her life and art.

This series, in collaboration with Talkhouse and Mailchimp Presents, achieves chronologically across the top nine albums of its album. Björk recalls her beginnings and influence alongside writer Oddný Eir and musicologist smundur Jónsson, and together they provide a glimpse into the mind of one of music’s most innovative and enigmatic artists. Each episode describes the album with a few isolated words (“laptops,” “music boxes,” “justice,” etc.), before Björk and her team outline her growth through various stages of marriage and motherhood, as well as moods, artwork, and other overtones. The plot that fueled her music. Eir and Jónsson are academic chips worthy of an artist, looking for a deeper clarification about her art and emotional states as much as asking for a quick explanation of a type of drum machine.


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Common subjects run like capillaries throughout Sonic TokenEach one expands on the spirituality that Bjork mines from digital sounds. “Volcanic Strike Bank” and Warrior’s Attitude for homogeneous Microbes viewer flour and household ice vespertinBut she explains how they work in conversation to explore the different poles of love. Falling emotional scaffolding Volnikora Later, the clarity also grows sharper: melodies slumber on the floor and music describe the “death of the patriarchate” giving way to The virtuous cityThe matriarchal world driven by the flute. Björk often explains her sophisticated forms with a mixture of playful humor and clear insight. “For me, all of my albums have been both great and experimental,” she says, laughing at one point. “But maybe I’m not a good judge.”

It turns out it is. Björk has always been well aware of her place in the music industry, as a result of nearly her life having to deal with the media as an acknowledged introvert. She assesses that experience by listing the ill-intentioned cliches she had to dispel about Iceland early on (“No, I’ve never seen a dwarf,” homogeneous episode), as well as the sexual way music journalists have written about women. Kate Bush cites it as an “important branch on the tree” for her electronic music influences for the first time And the MailAnd she clearly remembers the way critics talked about it. “People were talking about Kate Bush as if she was a crazy person, like she was just possessed,” she explains. They used offensive descriptors that would eventually throw the press in Bjork’s own way, too.

Sonic TokenEach Björk episode follows a live format, which typically spans a three-year period of change and is linked to a location: for example, Björk planes to Spain to isolate themselves and establish homogeneousAnd then she travels the Mediterranean on a boat and she pens a turbulent 2007 Volta. There are plenty of discoveries highlighting their catalog along the way: biophiliaThe sonorous song “Virus” takes a different form when she explains that the meandering song, a mixture of traditional Indonesian orchestra and orchestra celeste, a 19th-century musical instrument, represents the titular pestilence. Elsewhere, she revealed that Beatboxing and Capella are in the running Medúlla It arose out of her distaste for both musical modes – an experiment in finding “the worst music I could possibly imagine and embrace”. It was her way of “putting the middle finger on species,” a task she has steadfastly championed over the years.

Sonic Token Equally tailored to the die-hard and newly transformed Bjork, he appears lavishly charting the stages of a career that has always looked to the future. This special format, limited to only two other sounds, provides intimacy and allows Björk to recall refreshing anecdotes and memories. when discussing Mailworking on a task that overlaps with each of her signature recordings: “I felt the way I could change the world for other women and girls was to try to create an album where I would give myself a quartet context, I would give myself techno beats—I’d be the writer,” she says. My strength as a musician… is to put myself in a position on every album where I learn a little more and get a little better at what I do.”

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