Blinken warns China, White House stays away from Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan

A top US diplomat on Monday distanced the Biden administration from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s fully confirmed trip to Taiwan later this week while also warning China not to pursue You have pledged a serious military escalation response.

The spokeswoman will make her own decisions about whether to visit Taiwan or not. Congress is an independent and equal branch of government. “The resolution is absolutely the talking,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told reporters at the United Nations headquarters in New York, where he attended a meeting on nuclear non-proliferation.

Blinken played down the California Democrat’s planned visit to the island nation that China considers “too early,” citing visits by previous speakers there, and responded to the company, at times, with hostility, and rhetoric proclaimed by Chinese Communist Party officials. publicly in recent weeks.

“If the spokesperson decides to visit and China tries to create some kind of crisis or escalate tensions, it will all be on Beijing,” Blinken said. “We are looking for them, should you decide to visit, to act responsibly and not get involved in any escalation in the future.”

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Several senior Chinese political, military and diplomatic officials in recent weeks have issued direct threats in response to reports that Pelosi will lead a delegation to visit Taiwan, which is diplomatically recognized only by a dozen or so small countries. They say Beijing would view the trip as a direct affront to the fragile set of diplomatic agreements that govern the US-China relationship, leading to a potential military response.

Pelosi, in the middle of an Asian tour with a few other Democratic lawmakers, had so far been traveling on a US military plane typically used by department civilian leaders and other government officials. Some analysts have speculated that China may try to block the plane’s flight path to Taiwan, or claim territorial control over its surrounding airspace, resulting in a military confrontation.

China has ramped up its military presence in the region in recent days, conducting live-fire exercises in the South China Sea and demonstrating new military technology, including hypersonic missiles. Although it claimed the exercises were pre-scheduled, state media directly linked it to Pelosi’s planned visit.

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was in the area last week, although the Defense Department’s media service released photos of its presence in the Philippines over the weekend. Regardless of whether it returns to the area near Taiwan, Chinese officials said Monday that their mainland-based weapons, missiles and aircraft will exceed what the aircraft carrier can use.

Pelosi’s office has not publicly confirmed the stop in Taiwan, reportedly during her tour through Singapore – which she visited on Monday – in Malaysia, Japan and South Korea. Several news outlets confirmed the flight, citing unnamed congressional and Taiwan officials, with their arrival likely sometime late Tuesday.

Blinken on Monday became the latest senior official within the Biden administration to distance the White House from Pelosi’s plans, after reports that Biden and top advisers expressed to Pelosi that a trip to Taiwan amid the current tensions could be disastrous.

It remains unclear what the United States will achieve through Pelosi’s visit, regardless of the president’s complicity in her plans. It is likely, however, that it would like to demonstrate broad support from Congress for America’s commitments to defend the island nation at a time when China sees it as more likely to have a land grab similar to Russia’s ambitions in Ukraine.

No Republican member has accepted Pelosi’s said invitation to join her on her trip.

“Any member who wants to go should do it. It shows President Xi’s political deterrence. [Jinping]Representative Mike McCaul of Texas, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, He told NBC News: Last week, he indicated that a scheduling conflict prevented him from joining the delegation. But she must also pay attention to the military if it is going to cause a setback and escalate matters.

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