Boxing news summary: Deontay Wilder compares to Arnold Schwarzenegger, KSI shows insane body transformation, Bernard Hopkins slams Jake Paul, shocking stop at Commonwealth Games

Welcome back to your daily dose of Sporskeeda’s boxing news roundup, where we discuss all the big things that happen with the hottest names in boxing.

In today’s edition, we’ll review Deontay Wilder’s comparison to Arnold Schwarzenegger, KSI and his insane boxing body transformation, Bernard Hopkins swipe Jake Paul, and a bizarre boxing interruption at the Commonwealth Games.

Let’s get into it!

#4. Compare Deontay Wilder To Arnold Schwarzenegger

Deontay Wilder (@bronzebomber), Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger)

#3. KSI Shows Insane Body Transformation

KSI (@ksi)

TikTok’s age restricted my video because he thought my breasts were real boobs 😂😂😂😂. I’ll post it here

#2. Bernard Hopkins criticizes Jake Paul for canceling a boxing match

Bernard Hopkins (via Getty), Jake Paul (@jakepaul)

#1. A horrific stop at the Commonwealth Games

Boxing - Commonwealth Games: Day 7 [courtesy of Getty]

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“Does the referee not know there is a mandatory eight count? Some people don’t have fight judging business, let alone an international amateur championship.”

Watch Cupitt’s tweet and stop here:

Terrible stop at Alex Winwood’s fight last night. Doesn’t the referee know that there are eight mandatory counts? Some people don’t have commercial judging fights, let alone an international amateur tournament

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