Breaking down Mozeliak’s team building approach

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Baseball’s chief of operations, John Mozillac, paused what he was about to say because he knew it would anger a certain segment of the fan base. Then he continued because he knew that a completely different segment of fans finds a great deal of joy in the model that the organization uses on an annual basis.

“What I’m about to say is, I have to be careful because I don’t want our fan base to feel like we’ve had success that we’re not ready to go and do something. That’s not the case,” Mozillac said when asked at Bally Sports Midwest Sunday about the exorbitant price. Which the Mariners — a team riding drought for 20 years — were willing to pay to fire bowler Luis Castillo.

After that, Mozeliak pressed a part of his answer, which, no doubt, will be despised by some fans, while others will be pleased with it.

“Everyone’s in a different place, but the Cardinals don’t look out the windows for a win,” Moziliac said. “A lot of teams are going to think, ‘The window is open, and we have to go through it and (win) at all costs. “

“We prefer a more competitive and consistent model where we always have a chance year-round and year-round,” Mozeliak said. “I’m sure people are now listening and saying, ‘That’s a terrible idea; Change your strategy and do it differently. But there are also a lot of people who love consistency and love putting out a successful product out there day in and day out.”

You don’t have to analyze Mozillac’s words to know that huge trade for, say, Juan Soto, goes against everything the Cardinals have advocated over the years. They deeply value their prospects and use the organization’s capabilities to craft, develop, and introduce those young talents to the parent club to prevent employees from getting stuck or faltering. This constant stream of talent has allowed the franchise to make playoffs seven of the past 10 years since winning it all in 2011. In that time, the Cardinals also made it to the NLCS four times and won one NL banner.

However, a very boisterous segment of the Indigenous population is unrelenting and is pushing the franchise to “look it up” more than ever, especially with the franchise combinations Albert Pujols And the Molina runs in their last seasons. “go for it” fans want Soto in the lineup now, and the future of the franchise is damned. Just remember it was the crowd that pushed for a big racket years ago, and that eventually cost the likely Cardinals NL Cy Young winner Sandy Alcantara.

The Cardinals used their prospects to acquire unhappy assets from a team that could no longer afford the aforementioned star. They used this method to get Paul Goldschmidt And the Nolan Arenado In recent years, Mark McGuire, Scott Rollin, Matt Holliday, Larry Walker, and others in the past. But they made these moves at times when they had the upper hand in trades, and it was clearly a buyer’s market.

When the Cardinal signed 19 of their 2022 MLB Draft selections, and went over their bonus pool to do so, it seemed to indicate they were ready to absorb some hits among their potential ranks. To address the gaps in the starting crew – those caused by injuries Jack Flaherty And the Stephen Matz – They will definitely have to unload talented players who will soon be at the MLB level. While adding depth of field is likely to make the Cardinals a playoff team again, it hardly makes them favorites.

Should Mozeliak ditch the “cardinal way” and “go for it” as a fan segment wants? Will the Cardinals franchise that wasn’t ready to give Pujols $240 million 11 years ago be willing to pay Soto $500 million in 2024 if they trade in the next couple of days? Or should the Cardinals continue the course, add props to the promotion’s crew, and know they have the young talent to stay competitive for years to come?

Some ends to these questions are coming Tuesday afternoon, and Cardinals fans – both the “keep it on” crowd and the “stay on track” crowd – can barely wait to see how it goes.

“Based on what I’m hearing and the discussions we’re having, I imagine it’s going to be an exciting 36 hours of a baseball game as much as the game is in the headlines and seeing player movement, which is what Mozeliak told Bally Sports on Sunday.”

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