Bully tribune of Zack Ward, aka Scott Farkus from A Christmas Story

Bully tribune of Zack Ward, aka Scott Farkus from A Christmas Story

There has been talk for years about doing a proper job Christmas story sequel. (To be sure, there You have It was other follow-up movies, such as live video Christmas story 2but Ward, who may have been speaking on behalf of several viewers, says, “I don’t recall other events that have taken place”). Christmas story Christmas Beginning to assemble, Ward felt Scott’s protection, making sure the sequel was fair to the bully as an adult.

“My dad had a saying: In a bacon and eggs breakfast, the hen is involved, but the pig is involved. committed‘,’ he says. ‘As for me, I’m a pig, because I’m going to meet fans all over the country. I collect charitable donations. Generations of Americans have a relationship Christmas story. For something that shows I’m trash, they wouldn’t blame the studio. They will not blame the writer. They will not blame the director. They will look at me and shoot me in the face. I’ll be stuck with it, so it better be good.”

When Ward made the original film, he did not “research”. (In fact, he didn’t meet Clark until his first day on the set.) But as time went on, he thought of Scott, wondering how he got to do what he did. “Jean Shepherd had done a lot of spoken radio, and in one of them I found him referring to Scott Farkus’ father. He described his father as a junkyard. He had a sloppy accent and he was a ‘blue-faced man’. I didn’t know what ‘the ‘blue-faced man’ meant.” – Apparently, this means that he has a thick shadow at five o’clock all the time. The word ‘Farkus’ is Scottish, and Scut in Scottish means ‘shit.’ If you call someone ‘Scot’, you call them ‘nonsense.’

Very soon, Ward was establishing his backstory for his character after the fact. “You start putting the math together, and you’re like, ‘Well, his dad was an immigrant who came to the States. in the forties. Scott was about my age, 10 to 13 years old. His father may have arrived in the US when he was in his twenties, and his dad is probably in his mid-30s now – meaning he is weird and likely came between World War II. First and World War II. We can admit that not everyone was treated fancy when they were immigrants without any money. Getting into a business like a junk yard, this one is very difficult and bogged down. You have to work hard with your hands – it doesn’t take much tact. So using that as a backstory for how Scott turned into his character makes a lot more sense.”

Ward is very pleased with the new movie, and he thinks viewers will be happy to see Scott’s movie. “Scott will always be Scott,” he says. “Scott makes no apologies for being Scott. Now, whether he’s still full on his D-bag, or whether he’s grown up, well, you have to find out.” But in our modern age, when cyberbullying has become more deceptive and harmful, Scott’s light-hearted reign of terror has been in the making. Christmas story It feels wonderfully attractive. “I wouldn’t call them bullies,” Ward says of today’s online teen predators. I call them Class A terrorists, because they don’t have the courage to stand up and stand up to you and speak their mind. They have to do it remotely, and then laugh at themselves about how it hurt someone’s feelings. Those things are just weak. It’s pathetic.”

Which might explain people’s fondness for Scut: he may be a bully, but he’s ultimately harmless.

“Scott Farkus is that uncle,” concludes Ward. “He’s kind of an ass. Your kid will probably slip a little beer before you want him to taste beer. He’ll probably have a fight on the Fourth of July. But you still love him.”

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