Cowboys News: COVID hits camp, Barr starts at PUP, Prescott rolls with young WRs

Despite all the talk of the naked skeleton crew picking up cowboy passes, Dak Prescott takes a half-glass approach. He expressed confidence in his young receivers on Thursday and gave another excellent training performance. He has declared CeeDee Lamb to be “that guy,” but one outlet says there’s still a solid veteran leader on the streets who could be a no-brainer boost to the Dallas Air Game.

Elsewhere, Dan Quinn shares exactly how he’d like to replicate as the league’s takeaway champions, the undesigned free agent could be Quinn’s new project for 2022, and there’s a strategy to help newly signed linebacker Anthony Barr ramp up his new unit. COVID and injuries hit the RB room hard enough to cause a ripple in several other positions, Jason Jarrett makes his debut with his new crew in Canton, Bill Parcells shares his secrets about player ratings, and the Cowboys home will host a college championship for several more seasons. That’s it then in the news and notes.

Duck refuses to worry about the WR Corps :: The Mothership

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“I only know the guys that we have, the guys that we actually have are going to step in and take on bigger roles,” Prescott said. The quarterback is rapidly developing good chemistry with new players like Galen Tolbert and free agent Dennis Houston, along with others like Simi Fyuko, Noah Brown and TJ Vasher. “I feel like a lot of you – and people don’t necessarily know – what these guys are, and what these guys can do.”

‘CeeDee is that dude’: Cowboys rely on Lamb to help with crime ::ESPN

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Dak Prescott says the recipient, just in his third year, has made strides “everywhere”. Lamb spent extra time improving his relationship with Prescott, even meeting him in Miami in early July for rehearsals. Now a top pick in Dallas, he’s become a protected commodity – he’s been taking a day off from team practice this week simply as a way to manage the number of surprises and make sure he stays healthy.

Prescott sees WR status as an opportunity to improve :: John Machuta (Twitter)

Despite Jerry Jones’s lack of urgency, TY Hilton could be a good fit for the Cowboys :: The Landry Hat

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The Colts wide would bring 11 seasons of experience and leadership to a roomful of youngsters in Dallas, effectively making them a “player coach.” But when one dives into the stats, it appears that the five-times-long, 1,000-yard receiver may actually be an upgrade over the injured James Washington.

Prescott, Tolbert make rainbow call for TD in Thursday training :: Dallas Cowboys (Twitter)

Cowboys emergency ball carriers Thursday with COVID, injury eliminates 3 RBs :: Cowboys Wire

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Linebackers Rico Doodle and Aaron Champlain will miss at least five days of work after testing positive for coronavirus, and linebacker Ryan Naal is suffering a shoulder injury that will cost him two to four weeks. With resources dwindling on the offense, the Cowboys cut short practice on Thursday. Several players joined in new positions, including Conor McGovern and Matt Farniuk as linebackers, recipients Dontario Drummond and Cafontay Turpin as ball carriers, and Ezequiel Elliott as main blocker Tony Pollard.

Markquese Bell Named Cowboys’ UDFA With Best Chance to Create the List :: Blogging the Boys

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Everyone from Bleacher Report to the athlete to me Dallas Morning News He seems to consider the Florida A&M free agent a good bet to make the 53-man list. But the man most important to his opinion, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, agrees, too. “He’s off to a great start. You’re hungry for someone for that,” Quinn said of Bell. “I feel that with Marquez.”

Healthy LB Anthony Barr starts camp on the PUP list :: Calvin Watkins (Twitter)

To repeat last season’s success, Cowboys defense needs to be the takeaway machine again :: Dallas Morning News

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It’s going to be tough to replicate the league’s leading number 34, but DeMarcus Lawrence is considering doubling the defense’s offensive bet in 2022. With a schedule full of opposing players throwing in very few interceptions, the choices may be more difficult to come by. “One of the goals this year is to force and recover more sensitivity,” said Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn. “If we can add that part to the intercepts, we’ll be back where we want to be.”

Jason Jarrett debuts with the NBC crew in Hall of Fame Game :: Tony Dungy (Twitter)

Rolando McClain, Former Cowboys LP Arrested Again in Alabama :: TMZ Sports

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After the 33-year-old was last stopped for Dallas in 2015 for speeding, McClain told officers there was a handgun inside the car. Authorities found marijuana and determined that McClain did not have a license to carry a concealed weapon. The former top ten was arrested in Alabama in 2017…also on marijuana and concealed weapons charges.

Bill Parcells: Telling the players how to rate them :: The 33rd Team

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The former Cowboys coach shares the six questions he used to ask himself when evaluating a player. How the youngster acquired technical skills and gauged his consistency from day to day was part of it, but Parcells admits he also used biting sarcasm to get past a player’s skin and judge his mental toughness.

Big 12, Dallas Cowboys extend football championship agreement to 2025: Big 12 Sports

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AT&T Stadium will continue to host the Conference Championship game until 2025, it was announced this week. The previous seven matches with the 12 title were played at the Cowboys’ home. This year’s game is scheduled to be played on Saturday, December 3rd. The Cowboys will host the ponies the next night, at NBC Sunday Night Football slot.



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