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The Tampa Bay Lightning have to start on the road again as they try to win a third consecutive Stanley Cup.

Last year, they had to overcome the home-ice advantage of the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes on their way to a repeat.

This year, they finished third in the Atlantic Division and will open at the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Other first-round series in the Eastern Conference are Florida-Washington, Carolina-Boston and New York Rangers-Pittsburgh.

In the Western Conference, it will be Colorado-Nashville, Calgary-Dallas, Minnesota-St. Louis and Edmonton-Los Angeles.

Here is the full schedule for the first round of the NHL playoffs (all series best of seven, times ET, *-if necessary):

Tampa Bay Lightning center Steven Stamkos hoists the Stanley Cup after a 1-0 victory against the Montreal Canadiens in Game 5 of the 2021 Stanley Cup Final.

(All times Eastern)


Florida Panthers vs. Washington Capitals

Tuesday, May 3: Capitals at Panthers, 7:30, ESPN2

Thursday, May 5: Capitals at Panthers, 7:30, TBS

Saturday, May 7: Panthers at Capitals, 1, ESPN

Monday, May 9: Panthers at Capitals, 7, TBS

*Wednesday, May 11: Capitals at Panthers, TBD

*Friday, May 13: Panthers at Capitals, Friday, TBD

*Sunday, May 15: Capitals at Panthers, TBD

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Boston Bruins

Monday, May 2: Bruins at Hurricanes, 7, ESPN

Wednesday, May 4: Bruins at Hurricanes, 7, ESPN

Friday, May 6: Hurricanes at Bruins, 7, TNT

Sunday, May 8: Hurricanes at Bruins, 12:30 pm, ESPN

*Tuesday, May 10: Bruins at Hurricanes, TBD

*Thursday, May 12: Hurricanes at Bruins, TBD

*Saturday, May 14: Bruins at Hurricanes, TBD

New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Tuesday, May 3: Penguins at Rangers, 7, ESPN

Thursday, May 5: Penguins at Rangers, 7, TNT

Saturday, May 7: Rangers at Penguins, 7, TNT

Monday, May 9: Rangers at Penguins, 7, ESPN

*Wednesday, May 11: Penguins at Rangers, TBD

*Friday, May 13: Rangers at Penguins, TBD

*Sunday, May 15: Penguins at Rangers, TBD

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Tampa Bay Lightning

Monday, May 2: Lightning at Maple Leafs, 7:30, ESPN2

Wednesday, May 4: Lightning at Maple Leafs, 7:30, ESPN2

Friday, May 6: Maple Leafs at Lightning, 7:30, TBS

Sunday, May 8: Maple Leafs at Lightning, 7, TBS

*Tuesday, May 10: Lightning at Maple Leafs, TBD

*Thursday, May 12: Maple Leafs at Lightning, TBD

*Saturday, May 14: Lightning at Maple Leafs, TBD

Western Conference

Colorado Avalanche vs. Nashville Predators

Tuesday, May 3: Predators at Avalanche, 9:30 pm, ESPN

Thursday, May 5: Predators at Avalanche, 9:30, TNT

Saturday, May 7: Avalanche at Predators, 4:30 pm, TNT

Monday, May 9: Avalanche at Predators, 9:30 pm, ESPN

*Wednesday, May 11: Predators at Avalanche, TBD

*Friday, May 13: Avalanche at Predators, TBD

*Sunday, May 15: Predators at Avalanche, TBD

Calgary Flames vs. Dallas Stars

Tuesday, May 3: Stars at Flames, 10, ESPN2

Thursday, May 5: Stars at Flames, 10, TBS

Saturday, May 7: Flames at Stars, 9:30 pm, TNT

Monday, May 9: Flames at Stars, 9:30 pm, TBS

*Wednesday, May 11: Stars at Flames, TBD

*Friday, May 13: Flames at Stars, TBD

*Sunday, May 15: Stars at Flames, TBD

Minnesota Wild vs. st. Louis Blues

Monday, May 2: Blues at Wild, 9:30 pm, ESPN

Wednesday, May 4: Blues at Wild, 9:30 pm, ESPN

Friday, May 6: Wild at Blues, 9:30 pm, TNT

Sunday, May 8: Wild at Blues, 4:30 pm ET, TBS

*Tuesday, May 10: Blues at Wild, TBD

*Thursday, May 12: Wild at Blues, TBD

*Saturday, May 14: Blues at Wild, TBD

Edmonton Oilers vs. Edmonton Oilers. Los Angeles Kings

Monday, May 2: Kings at Oilers, 10, ESPN2

Wednesday, May 4: Kings at Oilers, 10, ESPN2

Friday, May 6: Oilers at Kings, 10, TBS

Sunday, May 8: Oilers at Kings, 10, TBS

*Tuesday, May 10: Kings at Oilers, TBD

*Thursday, May 12: Oilers at Kings, TBD

*Saturday, May 14: Kings at Oilers, TBD

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