Desert Daze announced with Beach House replaced by Iggy Pop

Desert Days Corporation has announced the exact dates of the festival, which will take place at Berries Lake over the weekend from September 30 to October. 2 with some modifications to the lineup.

The initial lineup included Tame Impala, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, and Iggy Pop. Bob, who played the festival in 2017 and was due to return to wrap up this year’s event on Sunday, October 2, will now replace Beach House.

According to a press release from the festival organizers, the substitution is due to visa issues for France-based band Iggy Pop. The press release included a statement from the godfather of punk saying, “I am disappointed to announce that my appearance at the Desert Diaz has been cancelled. Due to the confluence of world events, we have had unprecedented visa issues for my French bands beyond our control, and the band cannot enter the United States in time for this date.” I am frustrated that I let my American fans down. I leave no stone unturned to be with you on October 2, but now I can only plan to play this wonderful festival again in the future.”

The press release also mentioned that Boy Pablo and Los Retros can no longer perform and that they recently added Shame and will include a secret group from a surprise artist.

Although the festival is losing one of its most notable titles, it is still expected to have a star-studded lineup across four stages and an additional stage called Outer Space, exclusively for campers.

One-day admission is $139 – $666; Weekend admission is $399 – $199; Camping tickets range from $99 to $379; Recreational vehicle and tent rentals are available. Prices for one-day parking tickets range from $45 to $100; Weekend parking tickets range in price from $125 to $250. All passes are available on desertdaze.org.

Here is the daily line-up for the 2022 Desert Days Festival.

Friday 30 September

moon phase

3:15 pm Story of Ideas

5:05 pm Pies porn psychedelic

7:05 PM Sky Ferrera

9:05 PM Chicano Batman

11:30 PM King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

block stage

4:10 pm Imhan

6:05 PM Semand

8:05 PM Rainbow Babe

10:25 pm I trust men

1 am light club

beach stage

2:45 pm darling

4:00 PM Little Black

5:20 pm – Los Angeles Witch

6:50 p.m. John Carroll Kirby

8:35 p.m. Cortex

10:10 p.m. duster

11:40 PM Genius perfume

1:10 am Ankle cut

Sanctuary / Domelandia

2:00 PM Chulita Vinyl Club

3:30 PM Molly Lewis

4:50 pm – Space Lady

6:10 pm Split and dissolution

7:30 PM

8:40 p.m. Christopher Secchuki

10 p.m. Charlotte Adigiri and Polis Popol

11:20 PM Snapshot

12:35 AM Nosaj Thing (Group DJ)

Outer Space

12:30 pm Leah Senior

12:40 AM Abi acid

2 a.m. Uskowicz Dance Troupe

Saturday 1 October

moon phase

12:45 PM The Paranoyds

2:25 p.m. Lady Ray

4:05 pm shame

5:55 PM Nilufer Yanya

7:45 PM Viagra Boys

9:30 p.m. – Kigagaku Moyo

11:45 PM – Tami Impala

block stage

1:35 PM Sloppy Jane

2:30 PM Frankie and the Witch’s Fingers

3:15 p.m. Black Country, New Road

6:50 p.m. Sion Coty and Egypt 80

8:45 PM JOJO

10:45 PM Shannon and the oysters

1:00 AM Reggie Watts

beach stage

1:00 p.m. wet satin

2:15 PM Soul-Glo

3:25 PM Surprise Chef

4:50 PM Servport

6:05 PM Slift

7:35 PM Mildlife

9:15 PM Language Nation

10:40 pm The Ridge

12:30 AM Show me the body

Sanctuary / Domelandia

12:35 PM Drug and Advocacy Talks

2:20 PM Leclerc

4:30 PM ** Secret group

6:20 p.m. Pharmacopoeia in Hamilton

8:25 pm Qakka

10:00 PM Heads are heavy

11:10 p.m. Christopher Secchuki

12:00 am for children 606

12:45 am Tel Aviv

Outer Space

11:15 AM Randy Randall

1:30 a.m. Vinil Williams

Sunday 2 October

moon phase

12:45 PM Mariachi Reina de Los Angeles

2:15 pm – The Inner Wave

3:55 p.m. jipigmafia

5:45 PM – Badbadnotgood

7:45 PM – Marias

10:00 PM Beach House

block stage

1:30 p.m. Strawberry Jay

3:05 PM Buck Mick

4:50 p.m. Daniel Rosin

6:50 p.m. Rise room

8:50 p.m. Zoughb

11:15 pm Baraka

beach stage

12:30 PM Kcrw DJ – Travis Holcomb

2:15 p.m. Vanishing Twin

3:35 pm Workers Club

4:55 pm Automatic

6:15 PM Sleaford Moods

7:35 pm Dkhberkha

9:00 pm Aldous Harding

11:30 p.m. Radiojed

Sanctuary / Domelandia

1:00 p.m. Ryo Kurosawa vs. Sam Gendel

2:30 p.m. Chewing gum (DJ group)

3:45 PM TOMO (DJ Group)

5:00 pm Mint Nora Simali

6:25 pm Tarek Berri A / V Workshop

7:45 PM Mickey Pellirano – Mysticism in the Music Industry

9:15 PM Silent servant

10:15 p.m. Christopher Chichuki

11:45 PM Panther Modern

Outer Space

11:15 AM Grave Flowers Bongo

11:30 PM Kcrw DJ – Tyler Boudreaux

1:00 AM Jjuujjuu Closing Concert + Friends

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