deutsche telekom design to make its debut at milan design week 2022

Deutsche Telekom Design at milan design week 2022

From 6 to 12 June 2022, Deutsche Telekom Design will make its debut at the Milan Design Week to exhibit Concept Connectivity and the Augmented Reality Packaging project. Concept Connectivity is a series of products, created in collaboration with Studio Layer, which provides a new styling for the devices used in contemporary homes. Augmented Reality Packaging rethinks the outer wrapping design of technological products, demonstrating how we can utilize AR as an important tool for researching eco-sustainable solutions.

all images courtesy of Deutsche Telekom Design

introducing Concept Connectivity

Concept Connectivity is born from the collaboration between Deutsche Telekom Design (see more here) and Studio Layer. The collection includes a router, a mesh repeater, a set-top box-soundbar with a webcam, a set-top box, and a remote control. All pieces were developed thanks to the teams’ meticulous research on materials characterized by simple lines and a discreet interface.

The router showcases a sleek design, with a mirror-polished finish that conceals the interface when the device is switched off. Meanwhile, all the access ports are placed on an external adapter that can be put out of sight and the cables can be concealed. The router may be connected to up to six mesh repeaters which help amplify the signal. The natural woodwork of the repeaters reflects the collection’s focus on sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Next up, the set-top box-soundbar with its webcam can connect to the TV, providing a high-quality audio outlet as well as access to streaming channels. The webcam can be housed on the set-top box and the face tracking function optimizes its orientation when in use. The set-top box enables access to the streaming video once it is connected to the television: its pared-down lines blend harmoniously with the interior decor and a discreet illumination signifies that it is activated. Both the set-top box-soundbar and the set-top box can be managed by remote control, optimizing user interaction which is further facilitated thanks to a comfortably sized trackpad.

deutsche telekom design to make its debut at milan design week 2022

Augmented reality packaging

Deutsche Telekom’s Augmented Reality Packaging project illustrations how augmented reality can be a precious ally in the research of eco-sustainable solutions. Patented by the German company, the new packaging rethinks the way we design the outer wrapping of a technological product, giving it a completely new meaning. The packaging is no longer just a wrapper that protects the content, but a tool for explaining the content and its functions.

This new solution is achieved thanks to a new approach that enables a saving in packaging materials, in terms of paper, ink, and processing. In addition, it provides users with the possibility to directly connect with the packaging process, guiding them towards a personalized experience of unboxing and product configuration. With this project, Deutsche Telekom Design aims at becoming a benchmark for sustainability, by rethinking the entire production process and providing a complete and immersive experience to the user.

deutsche telekom design to make its debut at milan design week 2022

the Magenta at home application

One more thing to be exhibited by Deutsche Telekom at Milan Design Week 2022, is the new MagentaZuHause (Magenta at Home) smart home application created to simplify and optimize the running of a home. Its functions range from notifications that signal when a child is back home from school, for greater security, to an offering of to-do lists and the remote management of home devices, such as lighting or routers. MagentaZuHause is also connected simply and intuitively to a wide range of devices that are useful for the home.

deutsche telekom design to make its debut at milan design week 2022

deutsche telekom design to make its debut at milan design week 2022

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