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Titled New Mexico State Fair Quarter Horse Futurity with a record purse of $625,689, Downs in Albuquerque will pay a record total of $2,201,440.29 for 10 races on Sunday afternoon.

Track owner Paul Blanchard and President of Racing Donnie Cook told TRACK Magazine Monday afternoon that $625,689 for the future is not only the richest race run in the 84-year history of the oldest factory racing in New Mexico, it’s also the richest race ever sprinted at any time. A place for certified horses in New Mexico.

“This is a very exciting time for all the riders in New Mexico,” Blanchard said. “This race will have a $626,000 purse and then the championship
With a $300,000 purse, it is a true testament to the power of the horse trade in New Mexico and the entire nation.

“The strength of the work is shown by the quality of the fields. Not only do we have the defending champion Danger in the tournament
And we have strong room for the future of the New Mexico State Fair, but we also have high-quality fields in all 10 races.

“The New Mexico horse sale in Ruidoso showed a 43 percent increase in prices, and as far as anything shows the overall strength of the New Mexico horse business. There is no doubt that the promotion of the future New Mexico State Fair had a lot to do with the success of this Selling. The positive effects of that sale and future size should lead to a good breeding season in 2023.”

The biggest money-back at the $330,000 New Mexico State Fair Thoroughbred Futurism is the $154,000 Storm Leader, who won the Rio Grande Senor Futurity and Mountain Top Futurity races this summer in Ruidoso. Also in this race, Better Believe $108,000, which won the Rio Grande Senorita Futurity race.

The New Mexico State Fair Quarter Horse Futurity includes the horses that ran this summer in the Zia Futurity and Mountain Top Futurity Finals, the two richest races from New Mexico in Ruidoso last summer.

Talbot was the fastest qualifier of the 105 horses in the Sept. 9 trials for $626,000 at the New Mexico State Fair Quarter Horse Future, and he took the outside position for Sunday’s rich race. Among the horses Talbot will encounter are Wood Dee Queen, Flashtoglory and Codex, all of whom won their trials by broad daylight.

Danjer, who has a $1.7 million income and is the defending AQHA world champion, is certainly the front-runner to play The Downs at the $300,000 Albuquerque Falls Championships at 440 yards. Danjer won this race in 2020 and won the AQHA Challenge G1 Championship here last year.

Two-time world champion Jesse First Down won this race in 2017 and 2018.

“The fall championship turned out to be everything we hoped it would be,” Blanchard said. “It’s a real championship race that everyone wants to win.

“We are excited about this weekend. We have tested blood, hair and urine. We will be testing more before and after the races. We will expand our testing in 2023 to include a new, large-scale programme. We must do everything we can to keep the race as clean as possible.”

With the large number of horses currently eligible for the future New Mexico State Fair 2023, the race should easily reach its million dollar goal, Blanchard said. Cook told TRACK that Albuquerque is working with the New Mexico Horse Breeders Association and it looks like the New Mexico State Fair Derby will fetch a record $600,000 in 2023.

“I hope everyone is here Sunday on our big day. And if you can’t be here in person, you can watch it on the Cowboy Channel. It’ll be fun!”

Here are the races to be held on Sunday with the first entry going at 1:30pm CST.

First race: 400-yard allowance, $37,700. For New Mexico-registered fillies and mares three years of age and older who have not won a race since March 25 or who have not won four races.

Race 2: 5 furlongs, $30,500 purse. For registered virgins from New Mexico, 2 years old.

Race 3: 5-1/2 fur, $30,500 purse. For virgins registered in New Mexico, foals, 2 years old.

Race 4: New Mexico State Fair of Futuristic Authenticity. 6 fur, wallet $329,947. For registered 2-year-olds from New Mexico who qualified for the finals.

Fifth Race: New Mexico State Fair of Events. 400 yards, $100,000 guaranteed purse. For the two-year-old, New Mexico-registered Quarter Horses, which started in the New Mexico State Fair Futures Trials and failed to qualify for the finals.

Race 6: The Downs at Albuquerque La Fiesta Derby. 400 yards, $17907 purse. For 3-year-olds who have qualified for the finals of the Albuquerque La Fiesta Derby.

Race 7: New Mexico State Fair Quarter Horse Derby. 400 yards, $287,844 purse. For the 3-year-old registered New Mexico Quarter Horses that qualified for the New Mexico State Fair Quarter Derby Finals.

Race 8: The Downs at Albuquerque La Fiesta Futurity. 400 yards, $285,352 purse. For two-year-olds who qualified for the Albuquerque La Fiesta Future Finals.

Race 9: New Mexico State Fair RG2 Future Quarter Horse. 400 yards, $625,589 purse. For New Mexico Registered 2-year-old Quarter Horses that have qualified for the New Mexico State Show Future Quarter Finals.

Race 10: The Downs at Albuquerque Fall Quarter Horse Championship G1. 440 yards, and a guaranteed $300,000 purse. Three years or more.

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