Emirates is paving the way to become a hub for space tourism

Emirates is paving the way to become a hub for space tourism

The United Arab Emirates is another country investing in space tourism, hoping to become a hub and attract citizens from all over the world to blast off into outer space or enjoy a few minutes of zero gravity.

1. private space tourism

Driven by American space companies, private space tourism is here to stay. The amazing experiences coming from SpaceX, Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic are encouraging the rest of the world to follow suit, especially the wealthier countries.

Anna Hazlitt and John B. Among other things.

“Enjoying a year-round favorable climate, excellent air connections across the ten commercial airports in the UAE that connect two-thirds of the world’s population on an eight-hour flight, regional hubs for business, education, culture and tourism, a world-class hospitality and leisure industry, and proud proportions of space, it is a The country is an ideal location to create a global hub for space tourism,” the duo said.

2. The Government of the United Arab Emirates cooperates with Blue Origin

Besides pleas from the private sector to invest in space tours for private travelers, the UAE government is also busy making space tourism a reality, albeit with the support of foreign private companies.

Last year, in October, the Ministry of Economy, Abdullah bin Touq, announced that the government was working with Jeff Bezos Blue Origin to bring space tourism flights into the country. Touq held a meeting with Vice President of Blue Origin Brent Sherwood at the International Astronautical Conference in Dubai last year. With this deal, the US space company hopes to establish a spaceport in the UAE desert for sub-orbital flights and expand its reach to customers.

The Ministry is working with its partners to create an open economic ecosystem that attracts investments to the targeted sectors and stimulates innovative companies to support sustainable development and create an advanced investment environment.

Abdullah bin Touq, Ministry of Economy

The minister added, through this cooperation, that the government wants to benefit from Blue Origin’s leading expertise in the field of space manufacturing and aviation services in low Earth orbit to support the plans of the United Arab Emirates.

For example, the UAE Astronaut Program was launched in 2017 only to train and prepare a team of Emiratis to be sent into space for various scientific missions. In 2019, the UAE made history when it sent the first Arab astronaut, Major Al-Mansoori, to the International Space Station for eight days.

3. UAE investments in space

So far, the UAE has invested 22 billion dirhams in space. Figures show that the sector provides more than 3,200 jobs, with 57 companies and space corporations operating in the country. These include five space science research centers and start-up companies. The total foreign trade of the United Arab Emirates in spacecraft and its parts amounted to 190 billion dirhams.

Minister Tawk said: “Today, the UAE is home to many major space companies, providing excellent opportunities for start-ups to tap into the potential of operating beyond Earth orbit.”

We will move forward with our efforts to attract companies operating in this field to become partners in driving the growth and advancement of the space economy in the UAE.

Abdullah bin Touq, Ministry of Economy

Expressing support for increased investments in space, Hazlett and Sheldon argue that a world-class space tourism hub will further polish the UAE’s reputation as an advanced global space power, providing the opportunity for the country to become the destination of choice for space tourism operators, manufacturers, SMEs and corporates. Emerging and hundreds of thousands of budding space tourists from all over the world.

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