Employee says she can’t escape online retail gatherings: ‘A struggle’

Employee says she can’t escape online retail gatherings: ‘A struggle’

A longtime retail employee caught the attention of thousands after revealing the main reason she couldn’t quit the job she’d worked since college.

In a viral video posted on November 4, a TikTokspillame user lamented a vicious cycle normally associated with retail business, and argued that her experience dealing with customers should be a qualification for employment elsewhere.

“When [your] I just turned my part-time “temporary” retail job through college into a full-time retail job,” wrote @spillame, in a text overlaying on her video.

“Every job you apply for disqualifies you because you have no experience in anything other than retail,” she added.

Commented, “Working in customer service should be enough to tell you I’m a strong candidate for the things we deal with!” The viral TikTok website has garnered more than 7,400 likes and been viewed over 95,000 times.

With the holiday season fast approaching, the rush to find seasonal retail employees continues.

According to recent forecasts from the National Retail Federation, US retailers are expected to have an additional 450,000 to 600,000 employees in the coming weeks.

However, as retailers scramble to meet holiday demands, those who have spent a significant amount of time stocking shelves and working with customers are struggling to get out.

Resumes full of retail experience are tempting to retail employers, but the same cannot be said for all employers. As a result, employees looking to make the leap outside of retail are often hampered by being stuck in the same cycle described by @spillame.

Exhausted woman sitting in front of computer. Commentators on viral TikTok were sympathetic to one user who lamented her struggle to leave the world of retail.
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In fact, the leading global job site recommends that employees facing similar circumstances customize their resumes to draw attention to qualities that are valued throughout the work landscape.

Candidates with retail experience only [should] Highlight the transferable skills they have developed such as…customer service, organization, communication, problem solving and teamwork,” said a spokesperson for Indeed. NEWSWEEK. “Communication is a skill that enables you to work well with customers and colleagues in retail or in another work environment.

“Instead of simply listing duties, job seekers should try to use numbers to explain the measurable results they achieved in each position,” the spokesperson added.

Despite similar advice online, many commenters who responded to the TikTok virus expressed sympathy for @spillame, using their hands-on experience to deal with the plight of longstanding retail employees.

TikTok user @anvf646464646 commented: “In my field of study, it’s frowned upon to include retail/service jobs on your resume.” “I’m struggling [because] I don’t have any experience and I can’t get any experience.”

“Tell me about it,” @sarahstone617 agreed. “I can’t quit my job!”

“This happened to [me], “@dianarosel98 chimed in.” It took forever to get out but [I] finally “.

In a series of separate comments, many TikTok users acknowledge similar conditions for employees in other industries.

@domdrayer94 wrote: “I am literally an exception to the restaurant industry.” “It’s like I’m stuck.”

@raeri995 echoed “I was hired as a receptionist and now I can’t get a job for anything”.

I will be looking for jobs with extension [STEM] degree when my only job experience is all in the arts and working with children, comment “@pippin.n.” How is a dance teacher, summer school teacher, florist supposed to find a job in biology[?]”

NEWSWEEK @spillame accessed for comment.

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