Environmental clubs to join this semester

Whether it’s your first year or last year at Cal, joining a student organization on campus is a great way to grow the community in your life. However, the hundreds of clubs and organizations that welcome new members each semester can be very overwhelming.

There are more than 40 environmental organizations on campus that provide opportunities to engage in environmental advocacy and find support among your fellow students. The majority of environmental organizations are open to all students – regardless of their major – and the only prerequisite is a concern for the environment and sustainability.

To make it easier to find an organization that matches your interests, here’s a summary of five well-established student organizations that are geared toward different groups within the environmental community.

Cal . Free Herbicide

This student-led organization is the UC Berkeley chapter of the global organization Re: wild Your Campus, formerly known as Herbicide Free Campus. The club organizes community weeding days open to all students to help manually remove weeds from gardens on campus as an alternative to toxic herbicides. Information about the events is announced on his site Instagram; You can also join Mailing List.

Berkeley Farms for Students

Berkeley Student Farms is a consortium of eight student-run gardens near the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. The organization organizes open hours in the garden spaces for students to help cultivate the land and simply be in nature. Farms integrate environmental principles into farming practices to promote healthy soils and biodiversity. Products from the farms are donated to the UC Berkeley Food Pantry. You can participate by finding events and schedule on Instagram or the Alliance website.

Students from the Color Environmental Collective (SCEC)

This student organization is a space for students of color to find opportunities to engage in social and environmental movements, as well as find community in shared experiences. SCEC focuses marginalized voices into discussions of social and environmental issues and the organization sparks a conversation about environmental racism both on and off campus. If you are identified as a person of color, you can find meeting updates on the organization’s Instagram.

Latinxs and environment

Latinxs and the Environment is an initiative led by the Center for Latinx Policy and Research at the University of California, Berkeley. The organization provides opportunities for Latinx students to participate in research related to the environment and the Latinx community through the organization of seminars, conferences, and extension programs. To stay up to date on future opportunities and keep track of current events and resources, you can subscribe to their mailing list.

Berkeley Student Dining Group

Berkeley Student Food Collective is a student and community run grocery store adjacent to the UC Berkeley campus that offers healthy, sustainably produced food at affordable prices. As a not-for-profit collaborative organisation, BSFC contributes to achieving food justice by making ethical and sustainable food more accessible. You can support the organization by making a donation on its website Or shop at the storefront located on 2440 Bancroft Road in Berkeley. You can apply for membership to enjoy a 10% discount on volunteering in the store and attending weekly meetings as well as monthly workshops.

The UC Berkeley community has a lot to offer students passionate about social and environmental issues. On a large campus – sometimes overwhelming – it is important to find support and community among your fellow students who have the same interests and values. Joining a student organization is a great opportunity to make a campus of nearly 50,000 students feel a little smaller.

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