ESPN’s Tom Luginbill explains Arch Manning’s fall from the top in the hiring rankings

Art Manning’s drop from the top of the ESPN Recruiting Rankings for the 2023 class last week was one of the most surprising employment developments in some time.

The most famous name in high school football and the nephew of Super Bowl-winning quarterback Peyton and Eli Manning, Isidore Newman has been the long-running No. 1 overall consensus in all of the National Service ratings for his class for years.

Manning remains the best overall recruit of 2023 in three of four recruiting outlets, but ESPN has moved USC commitment and California’s Mulch Nelson to number one above Manning.

School quarterback Isidore Newman Arch Manning, 16, reacts after a 12-7 loss against Saint Charles Catholic at Southeast Louisiana University in Hammond, Los Angeles, Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021. Photo by Matthew Hinton

Tom Loginbill, ESPN’s National Recruiting Director, explained the slide from Manning to Daily Advertisersaying that Manning’s regression to second place has been about seeing more and more other talented midfielders in the 2023 class over the past several months.

“When we came into this class and we looked at them as lower class, it was in the middle of a pandemic. In Louisiana, in terms of Arch, Arch’s season and rating weren’t affected because he wasn’t wasting time and he had three years as a rookie,” Loginbill said. Other men’s seasons have been affected by the epidemic.

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“Eli Holstein, Malachi Nelson, Dante Moore, Jaden Rashada, Nicholas Iamaleva, we didn’t have a good sample size. We realized we needed larger sample sizes than the other guys, and that only comes during full seasons. This would have been normal information that was We have a couple of years ago. But that was basically a class that was missed in the camp and the group circuit.”

It’s a long process for Luginbill and his ESPN staff. As they gathered more information, and monitored and evaluated other top players in the 2023 class at camps and skill shows (Manning chose not to attend this course), the tiny gap in ESPN ratings closed.

“We were in no rush to change for change. This wasn’t about it. This was more about gathering information. Whether it’s at Elite 11 series or Under Armor Camp, we’ve seen a lot of players in the process that we haven’t seen in two years because of the pandemic” Luginbill said.

“Don’t knock the arch. We went back and studied the seasons of other horizons. But we were able to see them and Arch chose not to participate in those. But really, Arch started working with collegiate camps early in his first and second years, and he played three full seasons. What came to us is that the level of competition that Art is playing is not the same in comparison. “

One of the most widely followed recruiting for some time with offers from every popular college football program, including Alabama, Georgia, LSU and others, Manning committed to Texas in June.

During his junior season in 2021, Manning threw 1,913 yards with 26 touchdowns while also rushing for six pitches and 381 yards for Isidore Newman, who lost to Lafayette Christian by six touchdowns in the state semifinals.

Mike Farrell, former Rivals recruiting manager, said, if not for his last name, Manning would have been a top three-star quarterback, that he hadn’t “upped” since his freshman year and that he didn’t advance in the face of better competition.

Luginbill echoed that Manning did not perform well against quality competition, but still sees him as one of the best potential players in his class, not currently the best.

“The level of competition. That will be an important part of it between Arch and Malachi. Malachi came back last spring, and attended every event possible,” Loginbill said. “There was more to see against his peers as we take those things into account.” Manning if he went to every camp he could.

“All the hype and exposure, but also because of the last name, he would have a lot of skepticism and negativity. If he had gone out and done these things, I think it would have reduced that scrutiny. That has to enter into the equation.”

Loginbill said ESPN will update their 2023 enlistment rankings again before they are finalized and there will be chances for Manning to reclaim the number one spot.

“I want to see what Arch is doing in the playoffs, how he’s playing against better teams than the one he’s playing in,” Loginbill said. “He needs to raise the level of his team. … a player of his stature, a level of expectations that he will never escape, but he needs to play his best matches against the best teams in his table.”

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