Fast Five with Jim Day About EGLE’s Long-Term Employee Resource Group

Fast Five with Jim Day About EGLE’s Long-Term Employee Resource Group

Ahead of Veterans Day, MI Environment Rapid Release 5 today talks with Jim Day, Senior Environmental Quality Analyst in the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy’s (EGLE) Division of Materials Management, about the department’s Veterans Resource Group – EGLE Vets. Day served as an imaging specialist in the US Army for three years out of high school, followed by nineteen years of service in the Ohio Army National Guard. He retired from the Ohio Guard as a captain in the engineers.

When and how did the EGLE Senior Resource Group (ERG) start and how many employees are involved?

The idea for the group came from a 2021 panel discussion by EGLE Director Liesl Clark for Veterans Affairs, and the EGLE Vets charter’s request was approved by the Executive Office on April 15. Therefore, we are still in existence less than a year. Since that time, we have identified 22 veterans receiving update communications. The group is open not only to veterans, but to any EGLE employees who wish to participate, as selected veterans or as allies of the group. There is a lot of excitement about ERGs, both nationally and within the state of Michigan. EGLE Vets have the ability to represent and defend the interests of EGLE employees, veterans, and others who may seek employment with EGLE. Three ERGs predated the EGLE Vets in its formation, these are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), Pride Alliance, and UNMAP Disability. Additional ERGs are expected to form in the coming months.

Gary Jones of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, EGLE staff Bradley Laskowski, Sandra Philpott-Burke, and Jim Day at a National Employee Resource Group conference in North Carolina (left to right).

Can you describe where EGLE Vets are headed?

Meetings so far have been directed at identifying the group’s five program areas: Advocacy, Communication, Outreach, Participation, and Benefits. Five EGLE veterans have volunteered to lead each of the five program areas on a 6-month rotation basis. EGLE Vets is also actively promoting preparation information for newly arriving EGLE employees regarding benefits they may have obtained from their service in the United States Armed Forces prior to coming to work for EGLE.

The most recent development is the establishment of chapters in each of the EGLE County offices. Chapter Leaders, who will be responsible for coordinating with each of the five Program Leaders regarding activities in the District Office, will be announced internally within EGLE Vets as these positions are filled. Chapter One is being created in the Grand Rapids District Office, with more chapters sure to follow.

Were there any special events?

We had several speakers who spoke to the group, including Zaneta Adams, director of the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. We also have an Employer Support Guard and Reserve (ESGR) volunteer on board. We welcome you on November 15thThe tenth General Robert B. Kneller, former commander of the United States Marine Corps. General Kneeler (brother of Mike Kneller, director of EGLE’s Department of Reform and Redevelopment, a US Navy veteran and former nuclear submarine commander) will handle transitioning veterans to government jobs as well as answering questions. The meeting is open to all EGLE employees. Outside of in-house EGLE Vets activities, three members of EGLE Vets recently attended a two-day National Personnel Resource Group conference held in Durham, North Carolina. Nearly every ERG team also attended the event.

What else does the group plan to communicate?

ERGs are often recognized in US companies and in the state and federal government for their ability, if not active, to passively hire or help companies and government agencies attract top talent into the workforce. The same potential exists for EGLE Vets as we may be able to support candidates for employment’s understanding that EGLE is an employer who fully supports a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment, where all employees feel important to and belong to the organization. Future outreach efforts may, then, include more active support by members of EGLE Vets in the objectives of the EGLE Environmental Support Department to attract the best possible talent for employment within EGLE, whether from local universities, elsewhere in government or industry, or directly From outside. Military service.

Where can people get more information about the Legacy Resource Group?

They can contact me at DayJ@michigan.gov. If they’re at the Warren County office on one of my alternating office days, they can stop at my cubicle. Othalene Lawrence, Equity and Inclusion Officer at EGLE, is also a great source of information on all active and problematic ERGs within EGLE.

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