Finding the perfect sports bra to support your journey

Finding the perfect sports bra to support your journey

Now, as with other cycling gear components – there is no magic bullet for finding the right sports bra. Everyone is unique, and what works for one person may not work for you. However, there are actually a few tips to keep in mind, and some tried and tested models that get consistent praise from cyclists. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new sports bra, keep reading to discover how to choose the perfect bra.

Do yourself a favor and get a fit

If you’ve been through multiple sports bras and have a lot of discomfort, you’re probably not wearing the right size. For example, if you’re dealing with a lot of irritation from rubbing, it probably means that the bracelet is moving right into place. Wearing a bra that is too big in the range and too small in the cup is a common problem that you may not notice often in your daily wear but can be a major annoyance in athletics. Many retailers that specialize in lingerie or sportswear will be happy to provide you with a free size, so it’s worth looking at what’s available! If you are based in the UK, Bravissimo is an excellent choice for a professional installation service.

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Support balance and ventilation

Especially on tough long rides, your bra can absorb a lot of sweat and end up leaving you feeling cold, wet, and uncomfortable. Now, there’s probably no way to prevent sweating (not that you want), so it’s about finding the right balance between the support you need and the amount of thickness you want to put under the base layer. If you find your bra gets wet, heavy, and cold, you’ll want to invest in a bra made of a quality wicking fabric that isn’t too thick. We recommend this lightweight yet ultra-strong premium sports bra from Runderwear. Provides full support without any distraction. Or try the incredibly comfortable Merino Sport Bra from Smartwool. It’s built with a seamless merino wool interior for comfort and an exterior design for support.

When you want to feel super comfortable

For some, the feeling of extra security in a sports bra far outweighs any concerns about the fabric being too thick. If that’s the ultimate support you’re looking for, these three brands know how to keep the girls in place and allow you to enjoy even the toughest of rides without much bouncing. The Shock Absorber Infinity Bra stabilizes breast tissue, its design helping to reduce vertical movement at the top and the usual support from the strap below. Additionally, it has an adjustable back strap for ultimate recoil control, and built-in stabilizers on the shoulder straps that aid in recoil control. Likewise, the Sweaty Betty Ultra Running Bra offers compression and packing technology that supports up to an F cup. Plus, it has padded shoulder straps and carefully placed seams for ultimate comfort.

Note that you can also wear a jacket over your bra for an extra layer of protection and change the shirt when it breaks if you’re cold from the sweat.

Get support off the bike

Triathlon is probably your favorite discipline. In this case, you will need a bra that performs well across activities. Going from wet to dry and everything in between also means that you probably want some serious support. We’ve spoken to some ladies who work out a lot higher, and many swear the Anita Dynamix Active was unbeatable when it came to something they could swim in and then go straight to the bike and run. In the words of one believer, “I’ve never really felt like sweating in it because the material is great. Plus, my breasts don’t move at all, because it’s really supportive. I’m 34E/F, find them great in triathlon and wouldn’t go back for anything else.”

If it is the look you are looking for

Or maybe you’re looking for a sports bra to enhance your bust rather than crush it? Whether you’re dealing with a smaller cup size or just want to create a feminine silhouette in your speed suit, you have plenty of options that offer support and shape. The Panache wired sports bra, for example, has shaped cups, is really comfortable, holds everything in place, and keeps some shape!

Prepare yourself to rest

In addition to finding the right fit, it may also be a good idea to use an anti-ulcer balm to avoid any irritation. A good smear of Cycle Glide or equivalent along where the tape goes can help prevent discomfort once the sweat starts to flow. You can also use it on other parts of your body if needed.

Remember that more is not always better

Depending on the size and shape of your breasts, you may not get much use from a high-performance sports bra. Some riders find that base sport kits from Decathalon or Marks & Spencer offer more than enough support, plus they aren’t restricted by unnecessary fabric which can weigh them down when wet. You can also try tops with a built-in bra, and some claim that riding without a bra (at least on the road) provides the ultimate in comfort (although if you choose this route, lose heart).

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