Follow up: New Milford Mayor + State Rep Address the Town’s Internet Issues

Large Dave wrote an article for I-95 on Wednesday (9/21/22) titled: “Hi New Milford, I am in the pain of your internet outage.”

The article was about recent issues New Milford residents have had with their internet connections at home and at work. Dave wrote in the piece; “The situation in New Milford was worse, with some service lost for days, if not weeks.”

Prior to publishing the article, I had no idea New Milford was having these problems and we wanted more answers so we called two heavy hitters. We have reached out to New Milford Mayor Pete Bass and State Representative from New Milford Billy “Moe” Buckby for comment. These two busy guys took time off their schedule to talk to us on the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou and Large Dave. First, we spoke with Pete Bass, and this is what the mayor had to say about the technical issues:

“We have our two major carriers which are Charter, and I know they’re doing some of their upgrades on their equipment. Then Frontier made a big investment here in New Milford where they’re going to fiber optic for the whole city, and we’re the largest city by landmass in the state [GARBLED WORD] They put it down, but what that brings is some ridiculously high speeds.

But, by doing that, they obviously have to make some infrastructure adjustments, and that causes some of the delays and interruptions that you see. Moreover, we also have, unfortunately, especially with drought, exposure to wind and trees that have fallen or fallen due to a lack of rain.

This may also cause some interruptions when the wires fail. You know, we hope that if the infrastructure is on the way to completion, then these two projects that these companies have, they will be more resilient. This way, our residents can have what they expect when they pay their bills, which is good internet.”

Hear his full answer about New Milford’s internet service issues in the city.

You can listen to our full interview (9/22/22) with New Milford Mayor Pete Bass below.

On the same show, we invited New Milford State Rep Billy Buckbee in. We asked him about internet issues, discussed his long relationship with I-95, his beard, retail weeds in New Milford, and meeting new faces in Hartford.

I think it’s fair to tell you that when we called these gentlemen this morning, they weren’t ready for what we were asking, and they never did. We didn’t even have a plan to talk about the internet or the Chernsk bridge or any of the other issues that we’ve covered.

The whole purpose of bringing them to the show, was to power the new Ethan, Lou, and Large Dave preques that we had just finished producing. They treated it like heroes because both men are always ready to address their constituents.

You cannot be a regular guest at this is Show if you are generally unprepared, shy, or lack intelligence. We take our guests through a challenge of silly and irrelevant questions, and that’s mostly intentional. Great work mates.

Note: I love New Milford.


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