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West Harrison, Indiana The Cincinnati football program kicked off its 24th camp in the Highlands on a mild and cloudy Friday morning, ceremoniously beginning its quest for a third straight undefeated regular season.

Many familiar props have returned to battle, including the Six Cylinders, and new banners have revealed themselves above team headquarters (Fe2or sharpening iron) and field (only be we and you are worth nothing, win everything).

“Higher Ground is really setting the tone for the entire year,” Junior Center Jake Renfro He said. “It establishes our strength and mentality for the rest of the season and our competitive nature.”

Gino Guidoglientered his tenth training camp at the High Ground and his first season as offensive coordinator for the Bearcats and fifth overall, noting how despite losing nine NFL picks, including a quarterback Desmond ReaderThe return of all five line starters is a good starting point.

“We have to replace some key positions, but any time you come back and have five players up front that you can count on and rely on and take some pressure off the new midfielder, it’s exciting,” he said. “Coach Fick is a big believer in that way during the program, and we got some guys up front and I can feel that. During the team meeting I challenged them like, ‘You are the best in the whole conference, now let’s start being the best group in the country.’”

Besides the much discussed quarterback battle, there is also the return of the Mackey Prize Watchlist Leonard Taylor And the Josh Weilas well as large game receivers Tree Tucker And the Tyler Scotta large number of their backs like running Charles McClellandAnd the Ryan MontgomeryAnd the Miles Montgomery and transfer Corey Keenerwho played for LSU after starring at Roger Bacon High School in Cincinnati.

“They are all over the field, I mean they are everywhere,” Guidogli said. “It’s running back, we have a lot of talented receivers, and everyone wants to be the two or three who walk the field first. Running back is another big place. These guys are constantly being evaluated, we have to get some guys back in good health to make themselves in the That combination, the guys out there running for us right now are doing really well.”


Van Vossen, a red-haired forward, had all 10 career starts last year alone, with a total of 70 tackles (seven for a loss), which included a career high of 11 against Tulsa. His three TFLs in South Florida matched his season high for the Bearcats.

The next two and a half weeks mark his fifth journey to higher ground.

“I think the Hyperground is something really special for us,” Van Vossen said. “When you get out of here, there are no distractions or anything like that. Not many people can do that, and it’s something where we can come together as a team and become one, so the first week when we get out there, they fight together.


Knowing the aforementioned Cincinnati offensive line begins with Renfrew, who was named best in the position by AAC coaches. That unit allowed 53 tackles for just a loss, which was the seventh in the nation, while Beerkats set touchdown records (70) and score points (516).

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