Game Changers: So You

Game Changers: So You

What would your friends consider “so are you”?

Meg Aronowitz: Meg’s letter. I tend to give a motivational speech at the end of meetings leading up to a big event. It became a thing, and I could see people physically preparing for them as the meeting drew to a close.

Anna Barton Kolda: Make “to-do” lists…even if it’s just one item!

Meredith Batten: Anything involving Michigan (favorite team), Weezer (favorite band) and Monkeys (favorite animal).

Gretchen Beaumarchais: Banana hate.

Lindsey Brinkman: Planning every aspect of a group trip to the tee while leaving my phone at home.

Heather Brooks Caratz: I always exercise when I’m on vacation.

Debby Brown: Best party launcher.

Christine Beard: It could potentially be anything to do with fashion and the use of bright and vibrant colours. I love solid outfits with shiny high heels.

Elizabeth Casey: Old fashioned Bulleit and good discussion. Also, they love my fun hats.

Elizabeth Cohen: My friends always laugh at the fact that I was eating a huge bowl of spaghetti bolognese while watching the Derby football match right before my wedding. I suppose it says something about the way sports are such a big part of my life.

Julie Cromer: I shop almost exclusively on digital platforms, but rarely post on social media.

Aileen DaGrosa: Constant readiness and focus on details.

Natalie Eberly: Punctuality! I’m always early or on time for whatever we’re doing.

Kelly Flatow: Make the impossible possible. They’ll say she’s a queen of detail and she’s never faced a challenge she didn’t handle. The more impossible it seems, the deeper you dig.

Talia Gaines: The search for justice (inside joke).

Carrie Gerlach Cecil: A chameleon’s ability to be agile floats in and out of different groups with ease, without losing my authentic self. They might also add that I curse a lot, but I’m working on it.

Christine Gray: I have a sense of humor.

Christy Hedgpeth: Drink Dr. Pepper instead of coffee in the morning.

Kate Howard: Bye Irish. Big hi, no bye.

Raven Jemison: I’m “Dorothy Zbornak” in almost every situation. … I’m a control freak, but I’m loyal, sharp, sarcastic and witty. If you don’t get the reference, google it.

Laurie Capron: Greet colleagues and friends with the standard “Hi, Friend!” Then he ordered a bottle of champagne.

Julie Kerik: Whatever it is, they will intrigue me so I hesitate to hand them the microphone in print.

Christine Lazzatin: Iced coffee, hold the ice.

Jihye Lee: Waking up in the middle of dinner and showing a friend a golf swing.

Jennifer Lin: The most and the merrier. A house full of people is what makes me the happiest. He is always surrounded by many people and always brings different groups of people together.

Cheryl Mark: Running, double scoops of ice cream, and baking chocolate chip cookies. Not at the same time.

Eileen McManamon: “Being there” for people. Family, friend, fellow professional, young alumnus – I’m making time, even when it’s sinking in. Funnily enough, I’m also known for being “gold” – often on the road and a gypsy at heart.

Meredith McPherron: See every free minute as an opportunity to learn and expand.

Jesse Miley Dyer: Pink wetsuit and coffee with several shots of espresso.

Amanda Oliver: being early. My friends joke with me because I’m always the first person at the airport (at least two hours early, usually more) and I always arrive early for dinner or dates – I blame it on my grandmother, Wanda, she’s always stressed about being early (and she’s always early), so it’s Hereditary.

Sharon Otterman: I asked my friends that question and this is what they said: Mannings. I am the subject of everything. I’m still eating my wedding cake. Delta Miles. I’m still finding a way to get a great ticket and get to an event.

Kate Pratt Theobold: Saying “It’s ten days” and sending handwritten notes.

Pinky Raina: My friends would say – “I obsess over planning group vacations for friends.”

Jill Redmond: Everything hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

Alyssa Romano: My ability to nap anywhere, anytime of the day. it is a gift.

Megan Rose: Plan very elaborate family Halloween costumes.

Diana Sabao: Create safe spaces and go above and beyond.

kit papers: A weekend in Vegas includes an incredibly organized suitcase, a proper cappuccino (I have strong opinions about coffee), spas, slot machines, cigars, and tequila grapefruit cocktails. And stop at sports betting to bet on the White Sox winning the World Series.

Leticia Silva: Stubbornness and not asking for help.

Laura Sipes: Unfortunately, slow response to texts and calls. Also, I’m always cold and I get chills!

Jessica Slinker: Remaining positive, kind and loyal no matter the circumstances.

Tarina Smith: Talking to people I don’t know.

Cindy Stockman: Organizing a stress-free day for a group of friends full of activities.

Angelique Tetraault: Always have a fun, upbeat playlist ready to lift the mood and make people smile, and find a way to make every active and fitness experience focused in some way (including out-of-office challenges, morning group walks on site, step-counting competitions, etc.)

Karen Tempone: I’m the official DJ of the dinner party.

Trish Tulloch: I change my “lucky” jersey mid-match to try and change the score!

Sarah Villani Davis: My passion for good wine follows me wherever I go, and the wine list usually makes its way to me. I am committed to my profession.

Alisa Zeleznik: To-do lists.

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