Game of Thrones fans are boycotting George RR Martin’s next book, accusing the co-authors of racism

Game of Thrones fans are boycotting George RR Martin’s next book, accusing the co-authors of racism

Bestselling fantasy author and “House of the Dragon” executive producer George R.R. Martin has been caught in the crossfire of the battle over inclusive representation — and some of his fans are calling for a boycott of his upcoming book because of the co-authors’ comments.

On October 25, “Rise of the Dragon: An Illustrated History of the Targaryen Dynasty, Volume One” is being described as a “deluxe reference book” for those eager to learn more about the most powerful family in Westeros. when martin I posted it on social media last weekThousands of fans responded angrily, many calling out the problematic behavior and “history of racism” of its authors, married couple Linda Antonson and Elio M. Garcia Jr. “I wouldn’t buy anything with Linda and Elio related,” one wrote, while others urged Martin to cut ties with the couple.

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Now the co-authors are fighting back, and Antonson is adamant diverse It’s not racist, and Garcia says he feels attacked for sticking to his views on Martin’s original work.

“Game of Thrones” fans have been collaborating with Martin since before HBO’s successful adaptation of his books, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Shortly after Antonsson and García created the online forum Westeros.org in 1999, Martin enlisted them as fact-checkers for his book A Feast for Crows. In 2014, they served as co-authors on A World of Ice and Fire, an illustrated companion book to the novel series.

Critics have disagreed with Antonson’s blog posts, some dating back more than a decade, in which she decried the casting of people of color in “Game of Thrones” to play white characters in Martin’s books. In one post from March 2012, for example, Antonson complained that Nonso Anozie, a black man, plays Xaro Xhoan Daxos, who is described as pale in the books. Five months later, it celebrated the fact that white actor Ed Skrein was cast to play Dario Naharis, despite a rumor alleging that the network was looking to fill the role with someone of another ethnicity.

Recently, Antonson wrote that the character of Corlys, portrayed by Steve Toussaint in “House of the Dragon”, was wrong. “There are no black Valyrians and there shouldn’t be any on the show,” she said of the common ancestors of Philarion and Targaryen.

Antonson claims that angry fans lash out at “handpicked statements stripped of context”. Says diverse It bothers her to be “called a racist, when my focus is only on world building”. According to the author, she has no problem with the college cast, but she strongly believes that “diversity should not trump the story”.

“If George had actually made Valyrians Black instead of White, as he hoped on Not a Blog back in 2013, and this new show suggested making Velaryons anything other than Black, we would have had the same problem with him and he would have shared the same opinion,” Antonson said.

Inclusive representation in fantasy has become a hot issue recently, with black actors in “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” and “Obi-Wan Kenobi” facing racist comments online. Toussaint recently noted that some fans who object to him playing the “rich black guy” have no problem buying into dragons.

But Antonson dismisses Toussaint’s comments as “a false dichotomy that completely loses sight of the idea of ​​how secondary world imagination works”. Changing the characters’ racial makeup, she asserts, “raises all sorts of logical questions”.

Antonson points out that her handling of “House of the Dragon” isn’t limited to casting choices: she objects to the detail of one character’s death because it differs from Martin’s original material, as well as the lack of repercussions for Ser Criston Cole’s. Actions in Episode 5. García adds that the duo tried to “spark the #FixASeahorse campaign” after the series changed Villarion Sigil’s house from an actual seahorse to a legendary half-fish half-horse, but they were “too late”. However, Antonson and García say they really enjoy House of the Dragon and credits presenter Ryan Condal as “someone who clearly cares about the source material”.

As for Martin, who refused to speak to him diverse For this story, Antonson says he’s “very familiar” with the arguments she and Garcia had online with fans. She adds that while Martin “didn’t see the point in engaging with people” on social media, “he didn’t suggest we stop sharing our opinions.”

Finally, Antonsson supports boycotting authors she doesn’t agree with — she just wishes fans would do so “because of our actual opinions rather than the ones they’re projecting on us.”

Ten Speed ​​Press, the publisher behind ‘Rise of the Dragon’, did not respond. diverseComment request.

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