GE Healthcare launches the next generation of its premium fixed x-ray system to bring a ‘personal assistant’ to radiology departments

August 5, 2022 – GE Healthcare has released its most advanced stationary X-ray system, the next generation Definium 656 HD. Driven by GE Healthcare’s line of fixed x-ray products, this latest generation of Overhead Tube Suspension System (OTS) delivers consistent, highly automated, and efficient tests that bring clinical confidence while simplifying workflows, improving consistency and reducing errors to help preserve radiology departments. smoothly.

X-ray imaging often provides the entry point into diagnostic imaging – accounting for 60% of all imaging studies performed1. As a result, X-ray technologists, radiologists, and radiologists are required to manage an ever-increasing caseload, while also meeting the challenges of lifting Heavy, repetitive movements and long hours required result in a high rate of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, such as in addition to ‘repetition and rejection’ rates of up to 25% 3 4 resulting from variation in patient posture and examination setting.

Featuring the Intelligent Workflow suite, the Definium 656 HD is a versatile digital radiography system powered by GE’s high-resolution FlashPad HD detectors and the latest advanced Helix 2.2 image-processing software. By combining the highest levels of mechanization, automation, assistive intelligence, and advanced applications with the fastest movement and highest weight capacity in GE Healthcare’s 5 fixed x-ray portfolio, the system acts like a “personal assistant” to help technologists deliver consistent, efficient, and highly automated imaging tests that lend clinical confidence in throughout the radiology department, while improving the overall patient experience by maintaining control of the room’s workflow for healthcare providers.

To meet the daily physical demands of technicians, the next generation Definium 656 HD helps reduce patient positioning time, physical workload, errors and image recapture with easy-to-use features that speed up the imaging process without compromising image quality, including:

5-axis motors and auto-positioning provide quick, automatic positioning anywhere in the room to speed up workflow and reduce stress on the technician.

Automated in-room workflows enabled by a 12-inch touch screen on the tubular vertical console, and AutoRad software, support manual or automatic control of room workflows to reduce the number of steps and clicks for technicians.

The intelligent Workflow Suite takes advantage of 3D camera technology to produce more consistent images while avoiding repeated X-rays before they occur.

To address ‘repeat and reject’ rates that can negatively impact daily clinical operations as well as give radiologists the opinions they need to make clinical decisions with confidence, the Definium 656 HD also features high-quality detectors, advanced applications, and AI-assisted image processing to reduce contrast and provide Perfect image quality, including:

The latest 100 um FlashPad HD detectors and the latest advanced Helix 2.2 image processing with on-device AI deliver superb clarity and exceptional anatomical detail across image types with anatomy-specific image optimization regardless of differences in dosage, patient position, field of view and mineralization.

† Auto picture pasting on table and wall mount optimized with AutoSpine supports fast and accurate stitching of long pictures; And the

VolumeRAD Digital Tomosynthesis provides multi-level image slides for additional diagnostic information.

“At GE Healthcare, we strive to provide targeted technologies and solutions that can help our customers deliver the best possible patient care. With a focus on technical workflow and efficiency, patient satisfaction, and exam quality, we are pleased to offer the next generation of the Definium 656 HD x-ray system” , says Tanya Lancaster, general manager of stationary X-rays. “This new offering allows healthcare providers to take advantage of the highest levels of mechanization, automation, assistive intelligence and advanced applications to date offered in GE Healthcare’s fixed x-ray suite. Not only does this system provide optimum image quality, but it can also reduce the physical workload of technicians and simplify workflow total test work.While addressing some of the key challenges faced by the technologist and radiologist, Definium 656 HD can help improve department efficiency along with staff and patient experience.With the next generation of the Definium 656 HD, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation focused on patient to help our clients benefit from every image.”

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