Get all the spoiler details on ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

Get all the spoiler details on ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’


Jenny Han’s “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” the first book in the Summer trilogy, received a small screen adaptation with Amazon Prime Video. The series was first announced in February 2021 and will finally be shown on the streaming service on June 17. Han’s other major trilogy, the To All the Boys series, has produced three beloved films on Netflix, so there’s a lot of pressure on the new show to live. for expectations.

Season 1 of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” will adapt the plot of the first book, although it may have some key differences. Han said the plan is to have a second season covering “Not Summer Without You,” and a third and final season adapting “We’ll Always Have Summer” as well.

Before the new show premieres, find out exactly what’s going on in the book, and all the adventures, heartbreaking, and summer magic await Belly (Lola Tung) and the gang.

Summary of “The Summer I Turned Beautiful”

The Summer I Turned Pretty focuses on a girl named Isabelle – Bailey, for short. She, her mother, and her brother spend each summer at a beach house with Susanna, her mother’s friend, and her two sons. For as long as I can remember Billy, summer has been all about the beach. And every summer, she fell in love with Conrad, Susanna’s eldest son.

This year, though, is the summer that Belly turns 16. Her brother, Stephen, abandons the beach house early to check out colleges, leaving Belly behind with his younger brothers Conrad and Jeremiah. And while the four of them have always been nothing but friends, this summer Bailey appears looking a lot more mature than the last time Conrad and Jeremiah saw her.

As the days pass through the summer, Billy meets Cam, a boy also vacationing at the beach and who she remembers from years ago when they were on an academic job together. He slowly but surely becomes Belly’s summer friend, but Belly can’t get over her feelings for Conrad, and Conrad and Jeremiah don’t seem ready to let their little tummy date someone. Cam begins noticing that Billy isn’t completely into their relationship—they are both teenagers, after all—and he cuts things off. Now Conrad, Jeremiah, and Bly are back at home with their moms, enjoying their last little beach time.

Conrad has been absent all summer, and Billy wants to get to the bottom of him. He had fits of anger, he was away, and he wasn’t himself. When Jeremiah admits to having feelings for Belly – warning her that Conrad will only hurt her – Billy realizes that it is time to take a page from Jeremiah’s book and tell Conrad how she feels. She confronts the older boy, tells him she has always loved him and knows he feels something too.

But what could have been a sweet moment of falling in teenage romance turns into a blast when Conrad pushes her away. Jeremiah appears and calls Conrad because of his behavior, and the two quarrel. When Belly’s mom breaks it up, she and Susanna realize the boys know the secret they’ve been trying to keep all summer—Susanna’s cancer has returned, and her prognosis hasn’t turned out well. Belly is the last to discover and feel betrayed by her protection but quickly pushes her aside to spend her time at the beach house instead to make happy memories.

Summer ends and everyone goes home, but as the story draws to a close, Billy is surprised by a winter visit from Conrad – who seems to be a lot closer to her. The two leave in his car to an unknown location.

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