Go Dharmic launches new documentary film “Ahimsa and the Environment”

Go Dharmic launches new documentary film “Ahimsa and the Environment”


Inspiring climate action through the ancient Indian principle of COP27

We have already seen the power of a concept like ahimsa, which is to avoid harming any living thing, which inspired a profound political change…”

– Alok Sharma MP, President of COP27

LONDON, England, UK, 10 November 2022 / EINPresswire.com/ – While COP27 promises to create pivotal momentum towards the success of the climate goals, GO DHARMIC aims to be a part of these messages by spreading peace, compassion and non-violence in our relationship with nature. Ahimsa (nonviolence) is key and crucial to restoring our land and encouraging respect for all living things. The new documentary film “Ahimsa and the Environment” aims to educate society about the ancient Indian idea of ​​nonviolence, as a practical way to achieve climate change goals, while guiding us towards a more kind and symbiotic relationship with nature.

Go Dharmic founder Hanuman Das said: “The way we currently live does not work. This model of living as we continue to produce more and more is a model of an infinite world… We need to find a new and sustainable way of living, and I believe that this way is by incorporating the idea of ​​ahimsa in our lives. I wanted to collect voices who are keen to promote love for our planet and this work is the result. Ahimsa that was used for civil rights must now be used for climate action”

The documentary directed by Sheila Gessig features prominent environmental activists such as Satish Kumar, Sadhguru and Maneka Gandhi, as well as COP27 President Alok Sharma. Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Arun Gandhi, and granddaughter Ella Gandhi, speak passionately about the planet.

One example shared by the documentary Ahimsa-in-Action is ending animal farming. On average, we will reduce the amount of water needed to produce food, use land more efficiently, grow more nutrient-dense food, reduce harm to animals through mass farming and slaughter, and have a negative carbon impact. With one action, we simultaneously reduce food insecurity, malnutrition and health problems, reverse gas-based climate change, enhance animal welfare, and support biodiversity.

We’ve already seen the power of a concept like ahimsa, the avoidance of harming any living thing, that inspired profound political change. Today, this faith can guide us to live at peace with our planet. Religious communities can and have enabled change because when you speak, you influence, and when you act, you inspire. – Alok Sharma MP, President of COP27

With the onset of COP27, as countries and companies will discuss the best ways to reduce and reverse environmental disasters, Das said, “it is essential to make sure that ahimsa is a principle that is discussed” because “it can be applied by the individual and by groups. It works at both the micro and macro levels, It increases the results.
“It allows everyone to play a role in solving the greatest crisis of our century.”

The documentary is free to watch here

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Editor’s Notes-:

About Go Dharmic:

The international humanitarian and environmental charity, Go Dharmic, brings people together to spread love and compassion through their social action campaigns. Go Dharmic was started in 2011 by Hanuman Das, who created the platform to promote global collaborative work. Inspired by the concept of Dharma, the charity has more than 3,000 volunteers globally and works tirelessly as an ambassador for peace through extensive campaigns for environmental action, poverty alleviation, education, vegetarian and organic diets, and crisis response. The founding philosophy is “Love All. Feed All. Serve All.”

There are 5 independent Go Dharmic offices: London (England), Glasgow (Scotland), Ahmedabad (India), Kolkata (India), and Georgia (USA).

Go Dharmic effect characters so far:

11 million + meals distributed worldwide
104+ School Libraries Developed in India
40,000+ books distributed
More than 72,000 children benefited from Go Dharmic campaigns for education, sanitation and food
More than 100,000 planted trees
Over 10,000 hot meals have been distributed in Kyiv, Ukraine, to those who cannot evacuate
More than 2,000 packages of food, medicine and hygiene have been distributed to refugees fleeing Ukraine
600+ Indian police medical checks have been done
16+ sight restoration with cataract operations

Go Dharmic has worked on campaigns in the UK, India, Nepal, Morocco, Lebanon, Uganda, Nigeria, Cuba, USA, Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Australia.

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Ahimsa and the environment

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