Goodnight Olive owners will race her at 5 for the sport

Goodnight Olive owners will race her at 5 for the sport

The search for sports owners doesn’t end with Jay Hanley or Steve Lemon, but it’s a perfect place to start. In an era when stars are being transported to the breeding shed, they look forward to Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Sprint winning campaign. Good night olives At 5 o’clock focusing on stretching it.

“We think the public and the sport deserve to have stars,” Hanley said. His Hanley team acquired a stake in Filly Ghostzapper after Laymon’s First Row Partners bought it for $170,000 on an annual basis.

Hanley is concerned about the unsportsmanlike way he believes many horses are managed. “The horses seem to have retired even before they start running these days,” he said. “If we stay in this programme, where are we going?”

Hanley estimates that Goodnight Olive, who racked up 2 1/2 first-class wins at both Ballerinas on August 28 at Saratoga and Filly & Mare Sprint, is worth more than $5 million as a princess. He pointed out that the decision to return it to 2023 was a correct matter.

Perhaps the right business decision was to sell it right after the race. You’ll never get more money than a horse that won a Breeders’ Cup race.” “There is a bigger picture at play here.”

The Goodnight Olive was an exercise in patience for trainer Chad Brown, who repeatedly praised the owners for letting him back off whenever needed. Unexcited at the age of two, she only started seven times, sweeping the last six of those after finishing second on her debut on March 7, 2021. She wasn’t tested in a company with rolling stakes until the last two stages. Her resounding success in it brought her earnings to $1,019,950.

Lemon said her retirement has not been seriously considered. “It’s so much fun to give up on now,” he said.

He emphasized that he did not want to lose sight of why First Row Partners was established five years ago. It is comprised of owners who represent a wide range of the country and usually occupy prime seats in our beloved Saratoga.

“We started this as a racing partnership,” Lemon said. “We love racing.”

Only time will tell if they will be rewarded on the right track and, ultimately, in the sales loop. “Will there be some discount on her as a mare?” Lemon asked rhetorically. “It depends on what you’re doing. If she has a great 5-year-old campaign, I don’t think we’re really going to lose value — and maybe we’ll add value.”

Lemon and Hanley have encouraged the safety of Goodnight Olive at 4 o’clock. They assured that they would only continue if they were convinced they were not putting it at any risk. Plans call for her to enjoy a two-month vacation in Payson Park, Florida. In Hanley’s words, they want her to “completely chill out.”

From Smart Strike mare Salty Strike, Goodnight Olive has never competed more than seven furlongs. The Ghostzapper took over after her father, winner of the 2004 Breeders’ Cup Classic and Horse of the Year, with her meticulous nature but also exhilarating acceleration. Trying to see if she can maintain her speed for a greater distance will be one of the most compelling storylines for next season.

“Quick division races are somewhat limited at the first division level,” Lemon said. “Chad told me he feels very comfortable, and he would like to gradually stretch it. If it doesn’t work out and she doesn’t want to go away, we always have the ability to turn her back. But I think we will gradually try that next year.”

Hanley can’t wait to see how it all turns out. “Chad has always said to Steve and I that this is a filly that is not necessarily limited to one-turn races. He has always told us this filly that goes around two turns, they are not going to catch them.”

Part of the fun will be figuring it out.

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