Greg Berhalter talks about being a USMNT coach, the World Cup, Christian Pulisic and more

In the first episode of Customization Disorder: 1v1, Paul Tenorio sits with the US men’s national team manager, Greg Berhalter. They discussed Christian Pulisic’s consistency at Chelsea, Gio Reina’s return to the field at Dortmund and Berhalter’s future after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

On Berhalter’s predictions for Christian Pulisic this season with Chelsea:

“You know, I think if there’s one player in our group of players who really understands how to deal with adversity and deal with competition at the big clubs, it’s Christian. He was doing that at a young age at Dortmund, one of the big clubs in Germany, and he moved to Chelsea. He worked his way into playing time, results, performance, goals and assists, he has a great mentality about this year. I’m excited to see how he takes up the challenge. Anytime you’re at a big club, there’s always going to be competition for positions. Anytime you’re an attacking player at a club. Big, there will always be a competition for points, but the way he has prepared himself to deal with that, he will be in a really good place and I can definitely see him performing at a high level and for sure he will make a huge impact at Chelsea this year.”

Berhalter on what he wants to see from Brendan Aronson and Tyler Adams in Leeds:

“So with Brenden it will be important to see how he finishes his offensive actions, right, with goals and assists at the level of the Premier League. It is a very difficult level. I think that will really increase his chances of playing in the World Cup if he can do it in The English Premier League. This is the best league in the world. So this is what we will look at, is he able to perform offensive work in the Premier League at a really high level.

With Tyler for us a mixture of things. I think defensively, for him to keep working on winning the ball, which is approaching the elite. He is the winner of the ball at a very high level. The stress after losses is great for him, too. He really helps the group to maintain possession when he is able to press the ball immediately after losing the ball. Hence it is under construction. Can he get the ball? Can he break lines and find attacking players between the lines or behind the line? The only thing we were dealing with was looking forward, passing forward, risking more of the ball with his pass.”

Berhalter on Gio Reina Play, Best Position with USMNT:

“Well, Team Maker Geo, we know that. We know he can make a difference when he’s on the ball with one last pass, with his finishing moves. He’s really good at that, so that’s one thing we’re happy to see, how he’s back in shape, back in fitness. physical, and then he applies his game to what Dortmund are doing this year with their new coach, right? Not exactly new. And then in terms of where we play, that difference, the flexibility that guys like him have – give us Geo, give us Brenden, give you Malik Tillmann – You can put them in a number of different situations and they can perform at the highest level.So, it gives us versatility in both attack and defense, because if we want a more defensive formation, we can choose other players.If we want to be more offensive, we can choose the ones you mentioned. So it’s a problem, but it’s a good problem when you’re faced with those tough decisions and you want to tilt the team into a more offensive or defensive look.”

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(Photo by John Dorton/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

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