Hashem Rahman Jr. responds to Jake Paul after canceling the fight due to a dispute over weight

Hashem Rahman Jr. has blamed Jake Paul for their now-cancelled fight after a weight row, stressing that he does not want to fight a real boxer.

YouTube star Paul is 5-0 as a professional boxer and was scheduled to face Rahman Jr – the son of former heavyweight champion Hashim Rahman – on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Paul Rahman Jr. was accused of unprofessionalism after trying to alter the weight of the contract on multiple occasions.

But Abdul Rahman answered, blaming Paul: “Jake and his ‘team’ canceled this fight, not me! The fight doesn’t happen on their agreement and it’s not mine! I’m a heavyweight, known as a heavyweight outside of WBC, I signed a contract to Agni 200lbs in the three weeks, but my body wouldn’t let me.

“Where in boxing do you see them cancel fights a week ago? There are penalties included, I’m going to fight you for $5,000 minimum. I was going to beat this guy with one hand, like I did in the gym. He said he hit my ass at 230 so what’s the problem with My fight is at 215 or 210, they obviously don’t want to fight, they don’t want to fight.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want this fight. I concluded they were afraid, they tried to drain me. I told them I can’t reach the cruiser weight, it’s astronomical work, I have to lose a pound a day over 30 days to gain 200 pounds.”

“However, if I didn’t do the weightlifting, we had a replacement on the side, the Muslim boxer, Mohsen Kason, he was doing a cruiserweight campaign, and he didn’t need to drain himself, he could have saved the show. But he didn’t want to fight a real fight, a real boxer, He wanted to drain me and accidentally fight me. I won’t let him do that.”

“On July 5, Hashim Rahman Jr. signed a match agreement to fight Jake Paul on August 6 at Madison Square Garden at a maximum of 200 lbs. At the time of signing, he submitted Abdul Rahman testified to his weight to give relief to top promotions and the New York State Athletic Commission that he would lose no more than 10 percent of his weight in the four weeks leading up to the fight.

“Since he weighed in at 216 pounds on July 7, Abdulrahman and his camp have made reassurance after public and private assurances that he was on track to gaining weight on August 5, going so far as to provide a letter signed by a recognized nutritionist that his weight reduction was progressing without A problem with the weekly weight checks required by the New York State Athletic Commission. It has become clear over the past 48 hours that these assurances were not made in good faith.”

The statement continued: “On Friday, [29 July]Abdul Rahman submitted a weight check to the New York State Athletic Commission that showed he had lost less than one pound since he was originally signed to fight 24 days ago. This prompted the commission to announce that it would not be penalized for fighting by less than 205 pounds. However, Jake Paul was ready to go ahead with the fight at this new weight and a new contract was sent to the Rahman promoter that reflected a 205-pound limit, and imposed severe penalties if he failed to gain weight. Upon receiving this new contract on Saturday morning, Abdul Rahman’s camp indicated for the first time that it planned to weigh in at 215 pounds at the official weight and would not agree to weigh it in at 205 pounds and inform most valuable promotions that they were withdrawing from the fight unless a 215-pound fight was agreed.

Paul after ousting former UFC champ Tyron Woodley (AFP via Getty Images)

“MVP and Jake Paul will not reward anyone who has acted dishonestly and calculated. Therefore, MVP has no choice but to cancel the August 6 event. This forced outcome affects Jake Paul, Amanda Serrano and every other fighter on this card who have trained tirelessly for the past few months. For this event The boxing community must hold Hashim Rahman Jr. responsible for his lack of professionalism. Endless work, time and money has been devoted to building this event and we want to thank our team, Showtime, Madison Square Garden, Holden Boxing and all our partners for their continued support. Above all, we want to We thank our fans for their commitment to athletes and the sport of boxing.”

Women’s unified featherweight champ Amanda Serrano is set to contend for the card, as he was scheduled to top Paul against Rahman Jr, who intervened after Tommy Fury withdrew this month.

Fury, the half-brother of WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson, was originally scheduled to face Paul in December but withdrew from that scheduled contest due to injury and illness. The battle was rearranged on August 6, but the Briton withdrew again – this time due to travel problems that were said to have prevented Fury, 23, from entering the United States.

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