Highly processed foods linked to accelerated cognitive decline

Highly processed foods linked to accelerated cognitive decline

A new study finds that eating too many daily calories from highly processed foods such as frozen lunch and dinner meats and packaged crackers may speed up cognitive decline.

In the study, researchers examined the diet and cognitive function test results of more than 8,000 adults in Brazil. At the start of the study, participants consumed an average of 2,850 calories per day. About 28 percent of your daily calories come from highly processed foods.

After about nine years of follow-up, scores on cognitive tests of memory and executive function fell even more for participants who ate the most processed foods, according to preliminary study results presented at the Alzheimer’s Society International Conference held July 31-August 4 in St. Diego.

“There is mounting evidence that what we eat can affect our brains as we age, and several studies suggest that it is best for our brain to eat a heart-healthy, balanced diet low in processed foods and rich in whole food foods such as vegetables and fruits. says Percy Griffin, PhD, director of scientific engagement at the Alzheimer’s Association.

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