Hit the Boss: Walk around with the Suarez family

Hit the Boss: Walk around with the Suarez family

Meet the founder of one of Britain’s few popular dance houses.

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Darren Suarez: Hello. My name is Darren Suarez. I am the mother of the house/father of the Suarez family. Vogue is a dance style created in the United States.

It is associated with black and Latino gay men and began roughly in the early 1980s. I went out one night and there was a group of people in the cabaret corner. And then, whenever a certain path appeared, they would explode into these movements that didn’t make sense to me. But they look amazing.

It seems you can’t do it. Everyone in the club will stop and watch. It was amazing.

She looked beautiful, elegant and strong. For me, that stunned me away, so I really fell in love with it. I wasn’t a dancer but I fell in love with something. And you didn’t feel like you needed to be a dancer to learn it.

It was more about balance and being in space. This is Ryan. Ryan is one of the main dancers in the house. It will only show some of the techniques we use inside our house and how we make choreography.

So obviously, we have a new method, which is about stripes and boxers. Very strong and very open shoulders. Strong lines manipulate different shapes and then rewind or reverse certain materials.

Very Egyptian two-dimensional in hieroglyphs. Then we have the performance hand. It is round, which suggests that the hands are not really connected. And then we have like going around the body. So we can go.

around the face. It’s all about framing the face, giving it some kind of structure and balance within the space. My name is Suarez. So I’m Suarez’s house dad or mom if I want to get things done because mom gets things done all over the place.

If we go back to its history, the reason they were called homes was because in America when the worst-case scenario is black and gay or Latino and gay, in society you were an outcast, your parents disowned you. So many of these children will turn to drugs or prostitution or, worse, get killed.

It was such a narrative story that the older generation who were sometimes usually Queens, started to look at this and what they could do to change this because they left it on themselves. They decided to take over the small spaces, creating like balls or processions, and these competitions would have categories that weren’t technically demanding, providing a platform for people to express themselves or live out different egos. And as these balls started to develop and became more popular, or became more of a dance move, people got more money, and therefore more budget for costumes.

And then you’ll see the drag queen these kids take a bunch of them. And maybe in their house and they will live inside the house, which is why the house will be. They will adopt the name of the mother in the house.

When these kids were off the streets, they were able to pull their heads together and possibly find work and employment opportunities. Learn life skills, learn how to grow up learn how to transform into an adult under the supervision of their mother or father at home.

So when the kids started making money, they pay at home. So it was literally a new family and that’s where it came from. As it develops, I don’t have all the dancers living with me. They have their own boat, but what happens is that I’m here to advise them. If they have external issues, what we do is work or what we do is performance.

I hope and feel that I have supported my daughters because they have grown up on their own. It’s really amazing to feel like you’ve got the trust of those people in your house but you still have to have discipline and make sure that you still hold the house together, keep it focused, and be its voice.

I take my role very seriously. I always try to make myself available to my daughters. I also get a lot of reward from them because I also get a lot of love, and I get a lot of support.

There is a lot of stuff on the internet now and on TV. You obviously got ‘Pose’, which is a pretty pink version of what ‘Paris’ was, another documentary from 1990. It’s really important to watch. We have How I Look, which is 10 years of ball culture that continues in America in the United States. You have “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” which clicks back on some of its vocabulary.

YouTube, TikTok, and everything else go crazy when it comes to fashion, so even if you just want to put trendy homes in, you’ll come up with a bunch of different people.

Obviously you can look at the House of Suarez and look up what our statement is and what our mission statement is, but there’s a whole world of houses out there that all have a different path to how they connect to their community. Everything is now accessible, especially online.

We have a laugh that I have to criticize a little when they start going a little too much. As soon as I raise my voice once, they put it together and create magic. Yes, I am very proud. I think they are proud to be a part of it too.

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