Home Arena Football Names ALT Sports Exclusive Data Distribution Partner

Home Arena Football Names ALT Sports Exclusive Data Distribution Partner

The agreement will enable sports betting and an improved fan experience for MASL

San DiegoAnd the November 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Major League Soccer League (MASL) has appointed ALT Sports Data, Inc. San DiegoA leader in commerce and consumer data for business, alternative and emerging sports, as the official data distribution partner to deliver an enhanced fan experience to their growing audience.

By providing trading data and services, ALT Sports Data and MASL will open up new avenues for football fans to get involved in the sport, as well as raise awareness of MASL with an active audience already unfamiliar with the league.

Major Arena Soccer League represents the highest level of professional indoor soccer in the world and has teams across it North Amarica. The 2022-23 season begins on Thanksgiving weekend and runs throughout the winter through early spring of 2023. With 168 regular season games on the schedule, there are plenty of opportunities for fans and newcomers to level up their engagement.

This partnership comes after the recent announcement of the global Brazilian football legend Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, better known as Ronaldinho, will join MASL as co-owner of the expansion team. With teams stretching United State And the MexicoWith growing interest from elite football and new business partnerships, MASL is poised to bring the fast-paced game to a global audience.

“Major Arena Soccer League and MASL Properties are excited to partner with ALT Sports Data and bring these highly skilled and scoring games to bettors,” said Rob Striar, President of MASL Properties. “MASL games are perfect for non-stop action betting and in great format. We look forward to partnering with ALT Sports Data and reaching new fans.”

ALT Sports Data allows the world to have a stake in the outcome of emerging and alternative sports by providing data, trading services and the surrounding community for sports betting. ALT Sports Data enables sportsbook operators to identify pre-event markets while allowing them to manage in-game odds, and this partnership allows football fans to engage with the sport in a new, innovative and exciting way.

“As MASL’s official data partner, we will be able to add another layer to an already fast-paced and exciting league.” He said Todd Ballard, CMO of ALT Sports Data. Legal sports betting means more fans and more involvement for MASL.

M Style Marketing, a leading strategy, marketing and branding company, was instrumental in introducing and coordinating the partnership between MASL and ALT Sports Data.

For more information on ALT Sports Data, visit www.altsportsdata.com

To stay up-to-date on Major Arena football, visit maslsoccer.com or follow us on social media: maslsoccer (Facebook and Instagram) and maslarena (Twitter). For live games and exclusive MASL content, watch on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/masl_soccer.

About ALT Sports Data, Inc
ALT Sports Data is designed to give the world the opportunity to share in the results of action, adventure, endurance and motorsports that were previously unavailable. By providing advanced odds data, pricing and managed trading services to legal sports betting operators, ALT Sports helps operators efficiently offer betting on previously unavailable and high-involvement alternative sports. Rooted in a proprietary software platform and deep domain/alt sports expertise, ALT Sports provides official and unofficial trading and customer data to operators enabling them to generate new revenue and attract new relevant audiences. For more information on ALT Sports Data, visit www.altsportsdata.com.

Major Arena Football League represents the highest level of professional football in the world. MASL has 14 teams across North Amaricawith teams playing from coast to coast in United State And the Mexico With players from more than 30 countries around the world. For all the news on MASL, visit MASLsoccer.com or follow social media, @maslsoccer on Facebook and Instagram and maslarena on Twitter. To watch the action live visit Twitch.com/masl_soccer for all matches of the season.

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