Hope and fear after the United States’ mid -elections

Hope and fear after the United States’ mid -elections

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It seems that nihilism, not the desire in fact or justice, is making its way to the United States and many other countries in the world. Many people vote, not out of interest in others, not to improve things, but as a way to harm their enemies. They prefer to make others cry more than their interest in their well -being, and this is the reason for their willingness to suffer and die as long as they see their enemies suffer and die with them. For many, this is evident through the way they only want to “possess liberals”. This spirit was with us before. St. Salvian saw this immediately before the destruction of the Roman Empire. “There is now a new evil that is not measured among most men: it is not enough for anyone to be happy himself, unless he is not happy.”[1] When people consider hate a virtue, and the desire to harm their enemies as a basis for government policies, it should be clear, the rot and dissolution they support will destroy everything, including themselves. When we see many who vote are interested only in putting people in power to break everything that the “liberals” want, even if, in particular, what the liberals desire is good that helps everyone, we know that we stand in a crisis stage, and how we deal with it will determine our future. We must have hope, because nihilism is only reinforced with despair, but we must be realistic as well, realizing that we are facing an existential threat in our nation, and if we do not be careful, we can find the United States destroying itself (like many). Among its enemies, who seem to support the forces of nihilism, want).

Such nihilism does not herald good for the future. People who gained power will use it to continue to break down the system. During the midterm elections for the year 2022, they were able to scale President Biden, claiming that he was behind inflation, supply chain problems, and in fact, the price of gas, despite the fact that Biden and Democrats did a lot to ensure that the problems are not. Bad as for the rest of the world. They wanted things to be bad, believing that they would make people resort to them. They, of course, are not interested in improving things before 2024, because they feel that they did not acquire all the power they should have. We should not be surprised when we see that they will do everything in their power to obstruct economic recovery. They do not care about the public interest or any public interest; They are interested in themselves and their own pleasures. If the media does not treat them with these children’s gloves, if the media has shown properly and consistently what many Republicans say they will do if they get power (such as holding the US economy as a hostage to ensure that they are able to do what they wanted to destroy the public interest), And if the media properly showed everything that the Republicans did to ensure that things did not improve, it is possible that the Republicans will not get the number of votes they obtained in the 2022 elections. Despite the fact that many who support them support them in nihilism, others, who do not have them Time or ability to address everything that is going on, only believe their slogans about the economy, without looking at what Republicans plan. To do if they are given positions in power. They believed that the Republicans wanted help, and therefore voted for those who were told that they believed that they would do something to fix the problems they saw, without knowing how and why there were problems.

Many Christians in the United States, unfortunately, have delivered themselves to nihilism. They have been pushed to reject the public good, and with it, expectations have been put on each country to do what it can to enhance social justice. If they would only listen to the Bible they claim to follow, and the greatest Christian tradition, they will find that their rejection of social justice is what destroys the country. Likewise, they will learn that God works by strengthening social justice, and uses it to save the invoked nations: “This is how the Lord said:“ Keep justice, and do righteousness, because my salvation will come soon, and my salvation is exposed ”(Isaiah 56: 1 RSV). With the future of the United States, they are interested in justice and its promotion, not to ignore it, otherwise they risk the suffering of the fate of Sodom and Gomori, whose injustice led to the destruction of themselves (see Ezek. 16: 49-50). Thus, the nation that moved away from justice, the nation that turned into cruelty, You must repent and return to the justice that you neglected:

Now, O Son of God, be sure to look with pure justice to God, as the eagle does in the sun, so that your rulings are fair without polluting the selfish will. Otherwise, the supreme judge, who gave his will to humanity, which he called for his mercy through repentance, may tell you: “Why did you kill your relative without my justice?” [2]

Therefore, the midterm elections in the United States should cause some concern, because those who rejected social justice have gained more votes and positions more than too. They will use the strength granted to them to make things the worst as possible for the nation; We hope that no one will be deceived in 2024, and they soon be excluded. However, until then, there is hope, because they did not get all the power that they thought would get. This means that they resist, and the more damage they cause, the more resistance. We hope that they are prevented from following their worst instincts. And if more people resort to strengthening the public good and promoting justice, it is still possible to save the nation, despite the families who currently find themselves.

“Local conflicts and ignoring the public good are exploited by the global economy in order to impose one cultural model.”[3] This will happen more and more. We can see this in the way that nihilists do not show any interest in refugees. They hate them because their cultures promote the ideals they neglected, such as caring for the public interest, which they always describe as “communist” or “socialist”, although the correct engagement with the public good does not require anyone to follow such ideologies. A specific cultural model, which comes from the heritage of the Protestant White Angloxoni of the past, adopted by nihilists, not because they care about themselves, as much as they see it as a tool for sounds. This is why many of them will show pious and religious in front of the camera, talking about Christianity, while ignoring the basic moral teachings of Christian faith. They know how to use fear from the other as a tool for exploiting and controlling the population. But again, it is clear that their strength is not as great as they believed or should be. They can be placed under observation; They can be prevented from causing all the harm they want to do. The key is to embrace real justice, justice and its expectations for the public good. To ensure that the poor and needy are carried out instead of abandoning them, and to ensure that our joint house, the land, itself protect themselves; If we do not, we just blame ourselves. “You have to follow justice, just justice in order to live and inherit the earth that the Lord your God gives you” (Deuteronomy 16: 20 RSV). Those who are happy to harm others, especially the poor, will face the consequences of their actions, if not in temporal history, they will face the consequences of their actions, if not in temporal history, they will face the consequences of their actions in government before the last. “The persecution of the poor should know that they deserve a more severe punishment when they overcame those who wanted to harm them. Because they should be sentenced to a more terrible future punishment that they acted more strongly in this world against the lives of miserable.”[4]

So, we must have a realistic understanding of what lies in front of us. We must have hope in the future, and we must see that the forces of nihilism have not achieved a final victory. Obviously, everything was lost. But if the current nihilism does not face the powers of goodness, while strengthening the public good and justice necessary to activate it, we will face great pain and sadness in our future, as the forces of nihilism will disintegrate. And destroy our nation. The more we resist them, the better the opportunities for the pain to be short -term, and we will be able to achieve the recovery we need. 2022 elections show that we are still fighting a long -term battle. Perhaps we have lost little conflicts, but the struggle for the nation’s spirit and the future of the world has not yet lost.

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